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Cloud & Server Hosting

Wowrack Public Cloud is a pay-per-use computing platform that allows instant available infrastructure within minutes. Our cloud’s automated platform allows for immediate scalability and security in a reliable and high-performance environment. The cloud allows you to build how you want – just sign up for an account to get started!

Wowrack Public Cloud

Wowrack Cloud General (G1) Instances

WowrackCloud G1 Instances are built for test and development, web servers, network appliances, small databases and general purpose applications. The servers are built with powerful Intel E5 Sandy Bridge CPU, RAID10 Protected Storage, and Redundant networking.




System Drive

Data Drive


Hourly Price

Cloud General - 1 1GB 1 20GB 0GB 1TB
Cloud General - 2 2GB 2 40GB 100GB 1TB
Cloud General - 4 4GB 2 40GB 100GB 5TB
Cloud General - 8 8GB 4 40GB 200GB 10TB

Wowrack Cloud Performance (P1) Instances

WowrackCloud P1 Instances are built for medium to large database servers, Memory and CPU intensive applications, and High Performance storage needs. The servers are built with powerful Intel E5




System Drive

Data Drive


Hourly Price

Cloud Performance - 2 2GB 2 40GB 200GB 1TB
Cloud Performance - 4 4GB 2 40GB 200GB 5TB
Cloud Performance - 8 8GB 4 40GB 400GB 10TB
Cloud Performance - 16 16GB 8 40GB 400GB 20TB
Cloud Performance - 32 32GB 16 40GB 800GB 30TB

Wowrack Cloud Additional Storage

Storage Size

Hourly Price

Per 1GB Increment $ 0.0002

Wowrack Cloud Managed Services (Includes Backup)

Service Type

Hourly Price

Tier1 Support 24/7 Managed Service Per Instance $ 1

Wowrack Cloud Manual / Schedule Backup


Hourly Price

Per 1GB $ 0.0002

Need to combine the benefits of the cloud with the single-tenant security
of a dedicated server?
Our Hybrid Hosting gives you the best of both.

Wowrack Public Cloud Features


Simple Control Panel

A simple and intuitive control panel lets you create your own cloud in minutes.


Includes rapid, easy-to-configure auto scaling for virtual machines; allowing infrastructure to scale up or down quickly.

High Availability

Designed on top of Enterprise Class Platforms with automatic hypervisor failover in case of hardware issues.

Controlled Backup

Save all your cloud image templates and instances with our cloud storage – access within simple clicks!

Platform as a Service

Deploy some of the most popular solution stacks as a service, including: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, SugarCRM and more.

Choose Your O/S

Choose from a wide selection of operating systems to install within minutes.

Anywhere Access

Manage your cloud from Web and mobile devices (iOS and Android supported)

API Support

Are you a developer? Program and manage your cloud infrastructure from your own code.

Instant Cloud Support

Our on-site support team is available 24/7/365 to assist with cloud deployment and management.

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