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that allows you to scale and deploy within minutes.

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Wowrack CloudX is a scalable, reliable, and secure public cloud solution that helps you to access nearly limitless computing resources through virtualization technologies on a pay-per-use basis. Wowrack CloudX is different from Virtual Private Server (VPS) in a way that Wowrack CloudX offers more flexibility, and has more powerful functionality.

Get what you deserve best

Pay only for what you use

No need to burn your cash on things that you don’t need and use with our pay-per-use service. Order and pay for what you need on your terms.


Work faster and smarter, not harder

Finish and ace more projects faster with our instances that you can deploy within a minute. Flexibly scale and deploy your infrastructure anytime.


Build the way you want it

Design, deploy, and manage your infrastructure from your own code with our API-supported platform. What you want is what you get.


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Why Wowrack CloudX


Control Panel

Our simple and intuitive control panel allows you to create your cloud within several clicks away


High Availability
and Scalability

Our hypervisor technology lets you deploy, scale, and manage your cloud with less risk of downtime


Cloud Solution

Run platforms and stacks that you need, backup your data, and access our 24/7 support easily as you go

Wowrack CloudX Instances

Our instances can cater to developers’ various needs, ranging from simple tests and development up to building medium to large database servers. Kickstart your project with our robust servers built with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, All-Flash highly available backend storage, network redundancy, and a wide array of Linux and Windows OS choices.

Wowrack CloudX Instances

Package RAM CPU Bandwidth System Drive Price

Wowrack CloudX Managed Services

Service Type
Managed Services per Instance with 24/7/365 Technical Support
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