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Wowrack SD-WAN

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Wowrack’s SD-WAN services allows you to interconnect between services you may have at the big cloud companies such as AWS, Azure, Google etc. with Wowrack and on-premise sites that your organization may manage with the benefit of having a secure and more importantly, private connection that bypasses the public internet. Think of it as a Layer 2 transport to the cloud (and to other data center sites where you may have equipment).

Why leverage Wowrack SD-WAN services?

There are MANY reasons to have more than one service provider for your cloud and infrastructure needs!
Here are just a few use cases:

  • Maintain offsite backups

    You would not want to put your entire savings in one stock. So why would you place all your data and backups with one vendor? Leverage a relationship with Wowrack to help diversify your backup strategy.

  • Maintain a warm-site for disaster recovery

    We all know that even the big cloud providers can have extended outages. A core outage should not stop your business from being able to work as normal. Wowrack offers a slew of disaster recovery options geared for many levels of enterprise so that you can keep running.

  • Move workloads around between big cloud and your private infrastructure

    Some data is better hosted in the cloud, while other data sets may require a more customized environment built specifically for your needs and dedicated only to you. Our single-tenant private cloud solution is the ideal candidate for this situation. Paired with Megaport, you can have both environments connected together in one homogeneous network with the benefit of having this connection being secure, private and low latency.

  • Use your own equipment with public cloud

    In scenarios where you already own your servers, network gears etc., and want to combine it with what you have in the cloud, utilize Wowrack’s competitively priced colocation services, ranging from 1U to cage space.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce strain on public bandwidth

  • A private connection that bypasses the public internet

  • Helps create a homogenous network

  • Ultra Low Latency

  • 100% Uptime SLA

  • Options from 1 Mbps to 10+ Gbps

  • Connect to the big clouds plus over 200+ service providers

  • Scale Instantly!

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