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Using Wowrack as your Dedicated Server provider gives you the power to grow your company. We’ll walk along side you while you build your server to your specific needs from RAM to bandwidth. Scale as you need to meet your company needs and excel above the competition.

A dedicated server makes hosting applications and services a breeze. Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server does not share resources with other systems. As a single tenant, you will have free reign over the server’s resources.

When you partner with Wowrack we become an extension of your business and provide you with premium tools and resources to help your company thrive!

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Free use of KVM over/IP Remotely access your server console


We have hardware engineers with vast knowledge of industry equipment


Hardware on hand to scale up your server within an hour


DDoS protection up to 2gb for free (expansion available additional fee)


Consulting from industry veterans on best practices


100% network uptime guarantee


Same day provisioning available


On-site data center technicians 24x7x365


24x7x365 Support Team


Backup solutions available


Free hardware refresh


And many more…

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Pros of Using a Dedicated Server

When you choose to use a dedicated server from Wowrack, you are essentially renting the hardware for the server. Like leasing a car, you never have to worry about the constant upkeep and maintenance.

Take away the burden of regular upkeep of managing your hardware and provide your IT staff with extra time to focus on your business. Our team of veteran industry experts will walk you through the process of creating the ideal environment that best suits your needs.

Investing in a dedicated server provides you with a large array of resources to streamline your business operations.

Some pros include

  • Dedicated resources
  • Top-tier security
  • Customization
  • Fast Load Speed
  • More reliable uptime
  • Cost-effective
  • Latest hardware
  • Unique IP Address

Additionally, having the entire server at your disposal

eliminates the risk of shared hosting like

  • Network Congestion
  • Other tenants hogging resources and slowing down your IT operations
  • Long load times during high-traffic hours
  • Other tenants abusing the same system
  • Another tenant causing security threats

The Wowrack Difference

Wowrack is not just a dedicated server provider, more than that we are a hybrid cloud provider. Meaning, we are offer a range of services including Managed Service (MSP), Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and a Public Cloud provider.

For over 20 years, we have been the one-stop-shop which takes care of all of your information infrastructure needs. Scale and customize to your liking as your company grows. We offer colocation services throughout Asia, Europe and the United States including Jakarta IN, Surabaya IN, Amsterdam NL, Seattle WA, Dallas TX, Buffalo NY, and more.


Along with our tailored white glove service Wowrack can also provide hardware to use onsite. If your server breaks, we can provide you with a temporary replacement until your new server arrives. We treat your emergency like it is our own and have tools and expertise needed to keep you online.


"They are constantly upgrading infrastructure to improve the overall experience.

Excellent data center company."

William F.

"Over the years I have used Wowrack for hosting my servers, including several Non-Profit projects that were highly successful because of the high availability of the Wowrack facility."

Chris S.

"Great place to get colocation and managed services for a great price!"

David V.

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