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The Three Types of Cloud Hosting Explained

Ellen     2 May 2018     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Whether you're managing a single-person business, an entire healthcare facility, or multiple franchises, you're likely to need some type of cloud storage. The cloud hosting service that's right for you will depend on your specific business objectives and needs. Read on to learn about three different types of cloud hosting and find out which is right for your business.


What is Cloud Hosting?

In the simplest terms, cloud hosting means that your data is stored in a fashion that is scalable, has built-in redundancies and is capital-expenditure free. On the infrastructure side, there are three primary types of cloud - Private Cloud (single-tenant), Public Cloud (multi-tenant), and Hybrid Cloud (a mixture of both Private and Public Clouds).


Private Cloud

A private cloud is a single-tenant environment. You can tailor this environment specifically to your business. Because it is client-specific, it can be customized to any which way you'd like, from the type of hardware used, QoS standards to the types of technologies used (VMware vs. Hyper-V, or maybe Windows vs. Linux [or maybe you want both!]). A private cloud can often meet your business needs more directly than a public cloud. You can manage your own storage, compute and security of the environment in ways that might not be possible in public cloud environments. A private cloud gives you a large amount of control.  For high traffic, high performance compute, or just about any case where lots of traffic is in play, a private cloud will likely always come out to be the least expensive option as compared to a public cloud.


Public Cloud

Of course, some still opt to use a public cloud environment for a few different reasons. A public cloud is a multi-tenant environment, where your virtual environment shares the same physical resources as other individuals or companies.  This type of environment is not ideal for those organizations that have to adhere to compliancies. It's a pay-per-use computing platform, which might be more cost-effective depending on your hosting needs. It provides scalability, which means that it can grow with your needs as you expand your business.


Hybrid Cloud

You may find that you need a little bit of both solutions, and that's where a hybrid cloud setup can help. If you need the flexibility and control of a private cloud but still have data that you prefer to be on a public cloud, you don't have to choose one or the other. If you already use public cloud services, Wowrack can help you combine those services with a new private cloud setup and can even setup a direct connect between the infrastructure you have with Wowrack with your public cloud using our SD-WAN service. Wowrack can also help you use your existing company-owned equipment to access both hosting technologies. You can find a great visual representation of a typical hybrid cloud setup here.



Now that you have a better idea of the differences between cloud hosting types, do you know which type may be right for you? Each kind of cloud hosting comes with its own set of benefits, and people choose different types for different reasons. If you need more information before making a choice, Wowrack will work with you to figure out which kind of cloud hosting will provide you with the most benefits. Whether you've already made a decision or you just want to ask some questions, feel free to get in touch or schedule a consultation through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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