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The Log4j Vulnerability: What You Should Know

Tiyan     9 January 2022     Backup & Disaster Recovery / Security     0 Comments

With the rapid development of computer technology, be it software or hardware, there are times when this development creates a gap within the system. Within the industry, we call this gap a vulnerability.

Simply put, vulnerability is a weakness that actors can use to infiltrate or access computer systems. Today, we are reminded of this vulnerability with the rise of the Log4j vulnerability.

This article will provide you with information regarding the log4j vulnerability. In addition, we also provide information in reducing or avoiding this vulnerability's danger as a private or corporate entity.

What is the Log4j Vulnerability

Cybersecurity is a critical field to understand, especially in the digital age. While there are many glaring cybersecurity threats, such as viruses, ransomware, or phishing attacks, we often forget about the danger that arises from our own devices.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines vulnerability as a weakness or flaw within the security procedure, design, implementation, or internal controls that could accidentally trigger or exploit, resulting in a security breach.

The log4j is a Java-based logging utility used by billions of electronic devices to provide background information. It means, both private and business sectors who use Java-based programing language are running a risk of vulnerability in their systems. Several examples of these are websites, work applications, and even games.

CIO Dive reported that the log4j vulnerability works in a way that allows bad actors to gain access to IT systems without the use of authentication. The danger of this vulnerability doubles with how easily bad actors can exploit this vulnerability. Just a simple line of code is sufficient to access your system. Currently, Bitdefender has found out that bad actors are attempting to steal data or planting "Khonsari," ransomware installed through backdoors and remote shells. It shows the possibility of a more dangerous attack from this vulnerability.

Mitigation of the Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerable does not mean unfixable. With the world's best IT practitioner and cybersecurity professional currently putting its attention to the log4j vulnerability, there is a big chance that a fix is on the way.

However, while we are waiting for fixes to be available, cyberattack threats will continue to linger around our IT systems. Therefore, while we are waiting for the patch that fixes this vulnerability, private and corporate can take preventative action to mitigate the vulnerability.

1. Use the Most Up-to-Date Version of Application

Firstly, the log4j vulnerability almost exists for all software based on the Java programming language. However, you can rest assured that most companies that develop software are already aware of the situation and the severity of the vulnerability.

It is crucial for both private and business to immediately patch up their software to the most up-to-date version. A temporary patch or hotfix can help mitigate the possibility of damage caused by the vulnerability.

2. Ensure Firewall is Active

Secondly, an attempt to access your IT systems through the log4j exploit will primarily use the internet connection as the medium. You will find malicious traffics attempting to break into your system. It may employ "spray and pray" or constant targeting techniques from the bad actors.

Ensuring your firewall protocol is active is one way to deter and reduce such attempts at your systems. Furthermore, if you already use additional firewall protection such as web application firewall (WAF), check if there is any new information, policy, or patch update regarding the exploit.

3. Constantly Backup Your Data

Then, as the vulnerability affects software applications and servers, ensuring your data backup is ready to use is essential. It ensures continuity if the data within your primary database is inaccessible. The biggest reason it might happen is primarily due to patch updates of the server.

4. Identifying Vulnerable Systems

The last step private and enterprises can take are identifying which systems are vulnerable to the exploit. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has already compiled all of the currently known software liable to the log4j exploit. In other word, it contains recommended actions that an entity can take if such software is used in the system.

Preventing Future Vulnerabilities

It is now generally accepted that the cost and effort required in creating preventative measures are significantly less than the cost of dealing with the fallout of a cybersecurity breach. In fact, business benefit $4 for every $1 it spend on cybersecurity effort.

While the current vulnerability is so massive in scope and may affect most IT users, properly investing in cybersecurity effort is worth doing. Especially for the protection and reduction in cost post-attack in the future.

In Wowrack, we can provide enterprises with a dedicated cybersecurity team available 24/7. We develop our in-house system to detect and respond to threats before they appear and disturb business workflow. We understand that a particular enterprise may have compliances that need to be followed. In this, we are confident that we can adjust our security service to follow the standards and compliances of your business.

Discover how Wowrack can be your best partner in protecting and safekeeping your data from today's cybersecurity threats. Reach out to us now!

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