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Understanding Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is essential for securing modern digital infrastructures. This blog explores the methodologies ethical hackers use, the challenges they face, and what the future holds for them.

How to Handle Destructive Malware

It’s not uncommon to deal with malware at some point in our lives. Afterall, there has been a steady increase in malware attacks.  In 2020, 61% of organizations experienced malware activity.…

Everything you Need to Know about Malware

 WARNING! Your computer is infected with malware!  Have you seen a similar message or pop-up as you browse through the internet? These kinds of pop-up messages are fake virus warnings, and cl…

What is Ransomware and How to Deal with It

Have you ever received a suspicious e-mail or message that asked for your password or personal details? Those kinds of messages are also known as phishing messages that use social engineering techniqu…

Building a Secure Network and Why it Matters

Having a secure network is something everyone needs for both personal or professional use. It prevents attackers from accessing important information and acquiring access to your system.  What…

Remote Working: Top 5 Cyber Security Risks and Tips

Working from home or remote working has become a trend that continues to flourish even as the pandemic winds down, as workers prefer to work from home. Aside from increased benefits, working remote al…
SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 18 Audit Completion

SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 18 Audit Completion – Our Dedication to Customer's Data

Wowrack has recently completed SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 18 audit. Accordingly, this attests that Wowrack has followed and demonstrated a strong commitment to information security, specifically in internal c…
Impact of Rising Cyber Attack on Businesses Operation

Impact of Rising Cyber Attack on Businesses Operation

IT security opened in 2022 with the discovery of Log4j vulnerability, or "Log4shell," at the end of November 2021 bring about realization to the current IT condition. As the world transition towards t…
The Log4j Vulnerability: What You Should Know

The Log4j Vulnerability: What You Should Know

With the rapid development of computer technology, be it software or hardware, there are times when this development creates a gap within the system. Within the industry, we call this gap a vulnerabil…
K-12 Cybersecurity in Education

K-12 Cybersecurity in Education. Here’s What to Know?

  As academic institutions adopt new technologies to sustain hybrid and remote learning they are constantly targeted by threat actor, leaders in education must stay one step ahead …
Security Operations

Security Operations: The Solution for Modern Cybersecurity Needs

To begin with, we can agree that “the good, the bad, and the ugly” are growing even faster in this digital era. Specifically, cybersecurity and cyberthreats. For instance, during this pandemic alo…
IaaS and the 5 Key Benefits it provides for Retailers

IaaS and the 5 Key Benefits it provides for Retailers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a huge force in driving costs down in a world where margins are razor-thin. Combined with the increasing competition that pure online retailers pose, it is absolu…
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