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Security Operations: The Solution for Modern Cybersecurity Needs

Okta     30 September 2020     Managed Services / Security     0 Comments
Security operation center for Modern Cybersecurity Solution.

To begin with, we can agree that “the good, the bad, and the ugly” are growing even faster in this digital era. Specifically, cybersecurity and cyberthreats. For instance, during this pandemic alone, FBI has reported a 300% increase of cybercrimes.

Accordingly, it’s true that cybersecurity tools have been evolving even quicker than we’ve ever witnessed before. However, the rising question is, if such tools are getting more sophisticated, how do cyberattacks keep on rapidly growing in numbers each day?

Sometimes, the problem does not lie within the tools. What most people don’t realize is that it happens due to lack of proper workflows, processes and experienced workers who understand remediation. In other words, it is an operational issue and operational issues require operational solutions.

That’s why you need Security-Operation-Center-as-a-Service.

What is Security Operation Center?

Security Operation Center (SOC) is a unit consisting of cybersecurity specialist and professionals that deal with high-quality IT security operations. On everyday basis, not only SOC monitors and manages all cybersecurity tools, but also responsible in conducting IT security tasks appropriately.

SOC works as the first line defense in an infrastructure to detect and prevent any cyber incident from happening. Besides that, SOC team will analyze, respond, report, and come up with solution on how to prevent or handle cyberattacks.

Why do we need Security Operation Center?

Company with SOC will more likely be able to proactively fight cyberthreats even before the company’s higher-ups know about the issue. For instance, here are several benefits that you can get for having SOC.

Maximum prevention with minimum cost

By continuously monitoring and analyzing the IT-related activities, the SOC team becomes greatly effective in preventing and responding incoming cyberattacks. This way, it will significantly reduce the risk of having financial loss caused by cyberattack with affordable recurring costs. Looking from a financial standpoint, it is more cost-friendly rather than having to invest a huge capital in building your very own team from the scratch.

Improved trust from employee and client

SOC teams offer a real-time and high data protection against any potential cyberattack. Therefore, by having them in your company, it will indubitably increase your company’s credibility to gain trust from your clients, business partners, and employees.

Enhanced Collaboration

SOC team is a group of IT security experts. They will continuously monitor your IT tools and ensure their upmost performance. Especially, during this pandemic, where most of people are working remotely, having a secure IT infrastructure will be an advantage. So, every department in your company will be able to collaborate without having any restless anxiety about any possible cyberattacks.

How Wowrack can help?

Wowrack’s value is to give a maximum support for our clients. Thus, we keep on providing the necessary services for our clients, so they can develop their business without having to worry about their IT needs.

Because of that, we are happy to announce that we will provide more cybersecurity services, including SOC. We are ready at your disposal.

To help us understand your IT needs better, let’s schedule a free consultation with our team, so we can figure out what your actual needs are and how we can help you.

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