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Can Your Provider Manage a High Traffic Web Farm?

reny     24 October 2017     Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services     0 Comments

Every business has a different needs when it comes to managing their data. Company leaders search for providers that can offer various reliable solutions to their network’s needs. Some businesses only need a select few services to get things moving, while others need to be sure that the third party their working with is able to handle massive amounts of data and traffic on its servers. And, even if your business is growing now, but you suspect it will become much bigger than it is, it’s nice to be prepared without having to worry about starting over again each time.

You want a managed service provider that can help you handle everything you need to - from the little things to the big things...the REALLY big things.


Understanding a What a High Traffic Web Farm is

When managed cloud hosting providers give solutions to their clients, they need to be able provide a customized and specific solution based on that company’s needs. In many cases, start-ups and companies who expect to gain a lot of traffic from their site will need more than one server to handle all that traffic.

When more than one server is used to support a business’ network, it is known as a “Server Farm” or a “Server Cluster.” But, it’s not surprising to hear it called a “High Traffic Web Farm,” either. By having this specific type of setup, it allows websites to handle a constant amount of incoming user requests.

Just like we say “Two heads are better than one,” having multiple servers that work together to support your network is always the safest route, despite the fact that one server could likely do the job on its own.


Wowrack provides managed High Traffic Web Farms for companies that run a busy website. Contact us to learn how we can help you get your network on one ASAP!


The Benefits of Using a High Traffic Web Farm

Imagine you have tons and tons of people coming to your site. They are buying things, searching for information, jumping in on an online class or webinar -- basically, there’s a lot going on pretty much at all times. Generally, businesses that have this kind of traffic are aware of the hardware, equipment, and human support that’s required of such activity and they eventually will look to a hosting provider for some “backup.”

Well, backup comes in many forms.

Sometimes, it’s in equipment, and sometimes it’s in the hands of experts who are keeping their eyes on things at all times.

And, sometimes, both of these backup solutions need to work together in order to make sure business runs smoothly, for both the company leaders and the users.

A High Traffic Web Farm, if managed properly, can have loads of benefits to these kinds of companies. For one, the utilization of more than one server means that a backup server can take over if the  primary server shuts down. Or, both servers can work simultaneously to handle all the traffic at once, so that the site doesn’t slow down and cause an inconvenience to the users.

Ultimately, a High Traffic Web Farm can be thought of as a “Load Balancer” which allows a site to, well, keep everything in balance as traffic continues to come in.

Sound simple enough? It is!


How Your  Business Can Incorporate a High Traffic Web Farm into Your Current Setup

If you think a High Traffic Web Farm would be a good option for your business, then a managed service provider can walk you through it. Before that happens, it’s important to understand that there are some different ways in which businesses can incorporate this technology into their current network setup.  For example, those companies that are already using their own server can post it on a hosting platform - the platform that’s generally managed by the provider. This is known as a colocation and is one of the most common ways to utilize this kind of service.

If you decide to go with this option, make sure your hosting provider can guarantee high performance quality and scalable options.





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