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Don’t Let HIPAA Compliance Become a Headache

reny     8 November 2017     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

Any company that works in the healthcare industry generally has more on their plate than companies in other industries. Doctors offices, insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmacies, need to make sure they’re network is stable and easy to access at all times - especially since many of these companies have completely moved over to computers.

That being said, while the ease of running a healthcare company digitally certainly has its benefits, companies have to take more steps in order to ensure their security. That’s because any company that collects the private healthcare information of their clients, needs to be 100% sure that their company - their network - is HIPAA compliant.


Why You Should Outsource Your Compliance into the Hands of Professionals

When it comes to healthcare businesses figuring out how to possibly manage on their systems, it can be a real headache. With tons of patients, clients, doctors, employees, and other users accessing this network, it can be confusing to know where to start.

For instance, patient files need to be accessed in case of an emergency. Imagine you have a patient come in and you need to know right away if they’re allergic to something, or they have a relevant medical history. If your network slows down or is inaccessible for any reason, it puts both the patient and the office at risk. Not only that, but how do you make sure that this patient’s information, as well as the information of all your other patients, doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

This is where HIPAA compliance comes in, and this is also where things can get difficult.

You have enough things to worry about. Outsourcing your compliance in addition to your network management to professional company, will take the load off and let you focus on your job - helping people and even saving lives!


Why is HIPAA Compliance so Important, Anyway?

There are a lot of reasons any company in the healthcare industry needs to be compliant. For one, patients expect their information to be safe and secure - imagine if any person could just call your doctor ask what pills you’re taking?

That being said, one of the main reasons HIPAA compliance is so important for these companies is simply because the cost of not being compliant is a huge problem to face. HIPAA laws, nowadays - and especially since everything is computerized - are being taken more and more serious. If a breach happens or auditors come for a visit, you’d better be prepared.


Wowrack’s HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Cloud has all the tools and partnerships necessary Contact us to learn how we can help you get your network on one ASAP!


The “Healthcare” Cloud System

Every company who chooses to host their network on a managed cloud system will likely have a different infrastructure than a company in another industry. When it comes to healthcare companies, the cloud setup is going to be very unique. You need a cloud system that is secure and stays up to date on the latest software. Most importantly, it has to be designed to fit your business’ needs, while making HIPAA compliance a top priority.

Managed cloud hosting providers who have partnerships with Healthcare risk management companies and data security companies are going to be the kind of providers that you want to take care of your HIPAA compliance. It’s also important to make sure that your network’s data is going to be properly managed and secured at a reliable facility, so that breaches aren’t even a concern in the first place.

Remember - you’re putting your trust in this provider, and you need to be guaranteed that they are following the proper protocol to make sure your HIPAA compliant.



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