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A Bright Future For Cloud IaaS

Alex     18 August 2016     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

You’ll find it in healthcare, finance, construction, even in our legal offices. It’s helping to outperform every other competitor in the same marketplace year in, year out. But you won’t see it.

What is it you might ask? It’s cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), the invisible right hand behind many successful companies.

The ever-expanding frontier of this old yet frequently progressive industry is expected to grow rapidly within the next few years, hopefully gaining some much-needed limelight. The International Data Corporation (IDC) determined that businesses have spent $96.5 billion on just the public cloud this year alone. With a little over 20 percent compound annual growth rate on the horizon in the next five years, IaaS as well as PaaS (Platform as a Service) are estimated to rake in over $195 billion and expected to outpace its SaaS (Software as a Service) counterpart by 2020.

How Businesses Will Be Affected

The future space that IaaS brings to digital workplace environments can be summed up through the lens of many young digital natives today. In particular, children that have become fans of the popular “Minecraft” video game. A particular feature allows players in the game to generate servers that allow access with any other player from around the world and invite them into their own worlds to collaborate and create the impressive monuments you may have seen scattered across social media. Young millennials are witnessing firsthand at how practical data stored in the cloud can provide meaning to their playtime now, but while in a few years could just be how they're digital workplace might look like in the future.

With the immediacy of information culminating from multiple communities within communities, the ways in which we integrate similar forms of cooperation and teamwork will one day escalate to how new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will work. Resulting in more efficient and innovative ways to provide international partnerships and project management in a globalized economy.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If the idea of sharing your critical data in a public space sounds a little too risky, there's always a flexible cloud befitting your specific needs. With hybrid clouds becoming the easier transition of hosting data in an off-premise environment (rather than going fully private), creating an agile platform with less cost is realistically within reach today. Unlike the public cloud, hybrid cloud IaaS can use existing infrastructure (so you don’t have to shell out deep pockets) to cost-effectively deploy services to external customers, while providing more security that comes with a single-tenant dedicated server.

As computing costs have gone down dramatically, along with storage costs, the “as a Service” model has helped to revitalize the way businesses and organizations collaborate together. It has lowered the barriers for everyone, big or small, to gain equal footing with their IT environment.

Many startups today are also living in a golden age of affordable scalability and data interoperability. Most importantly is the amount of availability or uptime featured in these supersonic models of data management. With quicker internet connections rising, now is truly the time to be getting into the cloud for any retailer in almost any industry looking to expand and evolve their current existing infrastructure.

One of the more practical benefits of cloud IaaS results in simpler hardware to manage. With a single central located data center or “server farm,” the physical hardware maintenance can be easily adaptable to market trends and changes—overnight. As simple as upgrading your applications in the cloud, you can essentially roll out new implementations and upgrades in less than 24 hours, instead of a half-a-year long phase.

What About Failure In The Cloud?

Failure is merely about uptime. With the ability to monitor and predict when exactly your hardware reaches its “end-of-life” or begin showing patterns of wear and tear, you can dispatch technicians very early on to ensure problems never become more than annual checkups. With IT fatigue reduced to a dedicated provider, you can focus less on the technical hardware and more on your passion.

Ultimately, with the predictive analytics to foresee trends happening in big data, the cloud has proven to be the most lucrative in terms of a maintenance point of view. The total cost of ownership becomes much more achievable due to the ability to optimize your network to spin the right resources at the right time and avoid bottlenecking.

Leveraging cloud technology today can help you make sharper decisions that can carry the weight of your business or organization forward in a lighter and more flexible framework in the future.

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