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Here’s Why Colocation is the Best Option for Your Business

reny     21 June 2017     Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

If you run your business online and you’re not so experienced with how computers and Internet works, then you may seek out help for things here and there. But, what if you went to one source to assist you with all the help you’ll ever need?

Running your website and having control over the traffic your customers drive to your website requires a lot of support. This support can come in two forms. One, is through a managed service provider, that helps you manage Internet for your business. The other comes in a physical type of actual colocation service provided by your MSP  that lets you take all that data you have and store it in a place that’s safe.


What is Colocation?

Colocation is a data center facility where a business can essentially rent space for their servers.

Even though what we know of the Internet and data seems to exist in this intangible cyberspace, believe it or not, there needs to be an actual physical area where this information can be stored. And, the more information that there is to store, the bigger physical space is needed.

Beyond just the storage aspect of it, there’s more that a colocation does. For one, it’s secure and keeps your data safe from hackers. And, when your security is being managed by an expert, you can run the side of your business you know how to run, carefree. Colocation facilities also make sure the hardware stays cool (as overheating can damage the systems) and makes sure that the sufficient amount of power and bandwidth to support your data and servers is available.


Why is Colocation Right for Me?

Most business owners can most likely think of a million reasons why a colocation wouldn’t be right for them. Their business isn’t big enough. They don’t have enough data/storage usage for something like that. They have no idea how it would benefit them, or think they could do without it. Or, maybe they think it’s useful but believe they don’t have the budget for it.

But, do you know where you’re hosting your data now? To start your website, you must have had to buy a host somewhere. But, do you know what that host is doing for you? If that service is providing colocation services for millions of people, how can they possibly put their focus on you and your business?

They can’t.

That’s why you need a managed service provider who makes you their priority. A service that can assure you that your business systems are protected with the most up-to-date technology and connectivity capabilities.

Without a proper colocation service, there are a lot of questions and insecurities surrounding your website. What happens if someone hacks your servers? What if the servers get shut down completely? And, what if you’re paying way more for the host you’re using but receiving way less benefits? Don’t you want to know exactly what it is you’re paying for and if your business’ data is fully protected and carefully managed?


If your business is growing or if you work in an industry that’s responsible for protecting your customer’s information, then you should seriously consider a colocation service.  Contact us today to learn more cost-efficient colocation solutions.


Benefits You Can Expect to Have with Colocation

While there are many benefits to using a colocation service, we believe the most important benefit of it is the peace of mind it provides for business leaders who already have a lot on their plate. But, here are more benefits you can expect to have with colocation:

  • Well-located facilities that are at no or little risk of being affected by weather or natural disasters.
  • Reliable and strong network connectivity.
  • Power capabilities and generators to ensure your servers are kept running.
  • Cooling mechanisms to keep hardware at the right temperature.
  • Ultimate support and security so that your servers are constantly managed by experts.


Most successful businesses today can’t keep running things  without the utilization of a colocation service. So, what are you waiting for?



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