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Your MSP May Offer These Things, But Does It Offer These?

reny     28 November 2017     Cloud Infrastructure / Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

Companies choose to invest in the support of a managed cloud hosting provider for a variety of reasons. An MSP is the expert in bringing a company’s infrastructure to a cloud system that’s designed to fit your unique network needs, while managing that infrastructure regularly. Therefore, managed service providers offer a whole plethora of packages and services to accommodate you, along with other worthwhile benefits. However, if you’re unaware of what you can expect from a great MSP, then how will you know what you’re missing out on?

All MSPs may offer you different cloud hosting options, disaster recovery solutions, dedicated servers, and compliance options -- just to name a few. But, does it offer you these perks as well? And, how do these perks compare to the competition?


A Specifically-Designed Architecture vs. A General Infrastructure

No two companies are the same, and depending on what kind of business you are running, your system’s architecture needs to be appropriate. What works for one business likely won’t work for another, and therefore, you can’t settle for something generic. Before choosing an MSP, know whether or not they can design an architecture specifically for your business, or if they are just going to give you what they claim is a “one-size-fits-all” package?


A Combination of Different Hosting Options vs. No Flexibility

Not quite on the cloud yet? Or, are you on the public cloud but need more time before transitioning to a private option? What if you have features you like from public and private cloud options - a hybrid? A reliable MSP will give you the opportunity to combine various hosting options in addition to choosing features from different types of infrastructure programs. You shouldn’t have to settle for something that’s “close enough.”


The Ability to Host Customer-Owned Hardware vs. Being Required to Use Unfamiliar Tools

If you have hardware you’re already comfortable with, why give that up?  It’s one thing if your managed cloud hosting provider offers hardware options for you to use, but it’s another thing if they force you to use their stuff instead of your own.


A Customized Price vs. Set Prices

When your MSP takes different factors into account before giving you the price, you can feel good knowing that you’re paying for exactly what you’re getting. If an MSP only gives you the option to choose one package at one price, you could be spending a lot of money on features you don’t need. And, what about scalability? Don’t you want to be able to have the price adjusted fairly when business is slow or if business starts to boom? An MSP who only advertises set-prices can cause you to lose out long term.


Compliance Hosting Options vs. No Compliance Package

If you work in any industry that handles sensitive data, whether it be financial, medical, or personal, individuals and companies need to be protected by being compliant with the law. If this is a requirement for your company, then why get a package that doesn’t have compliance added to it? Otherwise, you’ll have to pay separately for something that could already be included.


Wowrack understands that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to your cloud hosting options. Contact us to learn about the


Fully Managed Services vs. Periodic Check-Ups (At the Very Least)

You can’t really call it a managed cloud hosting provider if they aren’t actually “managing.” You should never have to feel like you’re ‘bothering’ your MSP because you have a question or something breaks and you need urgent attention. This is their job. If your network isn’t being fully managed and the only thing you’re getting is periodic check-ups, it kind of defeats the purpose.


One on One Support vs. Waiting in Line to Speak to a Representative

Speaking of managed services, in what form are you getting that management? Can you actually talk to an individual who will walk you through what you need to know and will the MSP send someone to your data center? Or, do you need to call up and deal with a different representative each time, who can’t get to the job until tomorrow?


When it seems like your prospective MSP if offering the whole package, ask yourself whether or not there’s more to be had.

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