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Does Your Perspective Cloud Hosting Provider Have Data Centers Worldwide?

reny     16 October 2017     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

As your business searches for the right managed service provider for hosting your network, there are a lot of things to check for. All MSPs offer more or less the same kind of services, but they each pair these services with unique features to make themselves stand out from the competition.

One feature that some managed cloud hosting providers offer is the option to store your network’s data in a data center location abroad. This can be really great for a business is who is running operations internationally, or has customers utilizing your service from another country.

If your company is currently conducting business abroad or you think it’s a possibility in the future, then it’s important to have all your questions answered before investing any time or money in a solution.

Start with these:


What Inspired this MSP to Seek Out Data Centers Abroad in the First Place?

Not all managed cloud hosting providers have taken the step to go overseas with their data centers. Some are perfectly satisfied with the clientele they have and the needs of that clientele, and don’t require anything more than what they currently have setup domestically.

But, when a hosting provider starts to gain clients who are dealing with markets abroad and require more space, then these providers need to consider expanding further. It could be that their clients’ needs came first, or that they wanted to make their services give more appealing than the next guy. But, either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask what caused your MSP to make this move -- or how long they’ve had these data centers abroad.


Where Are They Located and How Did They Choose Those Locations?

Now, if you think you’re going to be one of those clients who needs access to a server abroad, there are some additional things you’re going to want to ask your MSP. At the top of your list of questions should be how they came about choosing the locations abroad that they did.

A good answer would be that that specific location is more “politically and environmentally stable.” Or, that, the country is a hub for data servers. Or, that the location is a huge IT powerhouse and there’s no reason not to build it there! For example, some of these countries in Asia hold some of the world’s largest data facilities. Whatever their reason may be, it would be beneficial to know a bit more of the background story, first.


Wowrack has data center locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. Contact us to learn how you can utilize these data centers so you can do business where it matters most.


Are They Secure?

Once you have a good feeling that these worldwide data centers are a good place to run your business on the cloud, you need to find out one more thing: How secure are these data centers, and are these centers -- or, these countries -- held up to the same compliance standards as the United States? Can you be sure that whatever protocol your company follows stateside to be compliant and secure is also being followed there?


Many companies are growing quickly and doing a lot of business with markets worldwide. This means they need to be able to put their network on a server that’s located physically close to all the action, but that’s also completely reputable and managed by a responsible team of professionals.

Where will your server take you?




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