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Ellen     25 July 2018     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

A public cloud is similar to a standard computing cloud where resources are available to the general public. Public cloud services are free or paid. Additionally, there are many benefits that come with using public cloud solutions including fewer wasted resources and better meeting of workloads and customer demands. A public cloud can also make running a business easier and allow your data to be easily accessed by employees and customers.


Public cloud solutions create a virtualized environment that shares computing resources and also isolates data. Additionally, they have the ability to rapidly transmit data and use multiple data centers.

With a public cloud solution, all you have to do is sign up for an account. A public cloud is different from a private cloud in that it is used by many different organizations. A private cloud, on the other hand, is an extension of a single company's data system and only serves them. Companies with more sensitive data and who have compliancy needs often will favor private environments instead of multi-tenant public cloud solutions.

Pros of Public Cloud Solutions

One of the major advantages of the public cloud is ease of use and near instant deployment. The public cloud is a way for enterprises to scale IT resources. The company doesn't have to maintain as many infrastructure components or development resources in-house. This makes it a good solution for businesses who prefer to focus on the work at hand and not worry about in-house physical infrastructure deployment.

The pay-per-usage option is also beneficial to many enterprises and allows for a more flexible financial model. With its utility based model, a public cloud can be great for small businesses and start-ups. However for larger deployments, public cloud tends to be more expensive than a private environment. Additionally, a public cloud solution provides scalability, allowing it to grow with your needs as your business expands.

Cons of Public Cloud Solutions

However, not every company finds that public cloud storage is right for them. For one, some companies have found it difficult to track cloud usage, and sometimes this causes them to end up paying for more resources than they actually have a use for. Cloud storage is also not always the best option for companies with strict regulatory requirements. The multi-tenant nature of the public cloud is not ideal for companies that must adhere to specific compliance.

Public cloud solutions create an easily accessed platform for businesses owners and enterprises. A public cloud solution gives you a more flexible financial model and can be great for new companies and businesses. If you are looking for the right cloud hosting for your business, turn to Wowrack's cloud solutions. We offer public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting, so there's a solution for every type of company.

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