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The Difference Between Cloud Solutions

Tiyan     20 December 2021     Cloud Infrastructure / Network     0 Comments

Cloud become one of the options you can use to fulfill the digitalization of your business. Meanwhile, there are myriads types of cloud available in the market right now. Do you know which one is the best for you? Here, let us show you the difference between cloud solutions.

Private Cloud

To see the difference between cloud solutions, we must have a basis at first. So, let’s take a look at the private cloud.

Private cloud only allows one user or tenant to use the cloud environment. A special connection is often necessary in accessing the private cloud. This allows the “private” element of the setup by not sharing anything with other customers or users of the vendor.

This setup allows the user of the private cloud to easily customize and scale the setup according to the user’s need.

While the idea of “private” might highly interest you, not all kinds of businesses need to use this setup. The following are the kind of workloads that are ideal in using a private cloud:

  • Sensitive data
  • A business that requires strong security for its IT workload and infrastructure
  • Enterprise that demand high performance and customizable IT infrastructures
  • Company that requires a complex and customizable data center
  • Highly regulated industries and government agencies

Before using this solution, it is better to know the pros and cons of using the private cloud.


  • Flexibility: As the space of the cloud is only meant for one tenant or user, it is easy to transform the cloud based on the ever-changing need of your business.
  • Higher Security: Users who require strict regulation regarding the safety and security of their data can easily apply protocols, measures, or configurations within the cloud as necessitated.
  • Scalability Without Tradeoff: Users can easily scale the private cloud without sacrificing the security of the system and reduction in performance.
  • Efficient in Performance: Private cloud is always known for high reliability and performance.


  • Higher Price: The privilege of being “private” does not always come cheap, as private clouds always tend to cost more than public clouds.
  • Difficulty for Mobile User: Private cloud sometimes require special arrangement such as VPN to be able to connect into the cloud. Thus, mobile devices may have none to limited access within the cloud.
  • Planned Scalability: While the private cloud can be scaled like any other cloud solution, the private cloud cannot be scaled at the spur of the moment and require planning.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is a cloud computing model in which the space within the cloud is shared between the customers.

This form of cloud computing is the most popular one out of the three that we will be discussing today. The public cloud could offer a wide arrange of choices for the growing need for IT solutions and computing resources.

The use of the public cloud could range from a small service such as email, apps, or storage. An enterprise-grade infrastructure environment can also be supported by public cloud..

You can look at the pros and cons that need to be considered before using this cloud service.


  • Affordability: Flexible pricing options are available based on the specification that you use makes it easily affordable to use.
  • Business Focus: As the third-party vendor taking care of the necessary infrastructure and maintenance, user can put their focus straight into their business.
  • Easy to Scale: Public cloud is very easy to scale and can be done at a moment's notice, allowing it to be adaptable against a spike in the network.


  • Lack of Security: Unlike the private cloud, the public cloud is used by multiple tenants within the same cloud. This reduces the amount of security and protocol that can be used in the environment.
  • Lack of Cost Control: Generally, the TCO or total cost ownership can skyrocket when using the public cloud for large-scale usage.
  • Low Technical Control: The public cloud is a poor choice if certain compliances are required to be met. This is due to little to no control and visibility of the infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

Lastly, we have hybrid cloud as the last form of cloud computing model. This form of cloud computing is a unique one. In a sense that it combines elements of the private and public cloud into one.

You can find some of the common set up used by hybrid cloud:

  • Businesses use private cloud environments for their day-to-day operation and IT needs while employing public cloud in case of a spike in network traffic, or
  • Enterprise use public cloud as the common workspace and private cloud as a place to store sensitive data or information.

Other than combining two cloud solutions, the user of hybrid cloud could also choose to be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Homogeneous refers to the use of cloud solutions from the same cloud provider. Meanwhile, heterogenous refers to the use of cloud solutions from two different cloud providers.

Combining two cloud solutions caused a whole new pros and cons that you need to consider. Thus, you might find the difference between cloud solutions in the hybrid cloud as a mix of private and public cloud.


  • Scale with Security: Hybrid cloud combination between two clouds allows this system to be able to scale without sacrificing security as the private cloud could.
  • Cost Control: With the division of tasks that is possible with a hybrid cloud, businesses can choose which cloud to be scaled based on the workload.
  • Reliability: The distribution of workload across two different cloud – or even services – allow businesses to have maximum reliability and data retention.


  • Complexity: Combining both public and private cloud adds another layer of complexity. This is true both in the operation and management of the cloud environment.
  • Higher Price: Using both public and private clouds can be overwhelming and hard to track. Thus without proper management, the cost of the service could balloon.

Wowrack Cloud Infrastructure

Understanding the difference between cloud solutions is the first step in using a cloud environment. Wowrack offers all forms of cloud solutions from public, private, to a hybrid cloud. All of which, you can choose depending on your workload needs.

With data centers located all around the world and reliably certified by such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 18, Wowrack to assure your data availability and security to the highest standard.

So, are you ready to drive your workload to the cloud? Let’s start with us today!

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