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Is Your Colocation Service Trustworthy Enough? Here’s What To Consider

reny     2 July 2017     Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

A colocation service is a great way to have your servers managed and monitored by an MSP. Most large businesses or growing businesses choose this type of managed service when the amount of data is just too much for a small office to handle.

A colocation is a smart solution for many companies. But, how do you know the one you’re using, or the one you’re about to start using, is trustworthy enough? After all, that’s a lot of stuff to put on another company to manage.

So, here’s what you should consider before committing to your MSP.:



Does the colocation have the capacity to grow with your business, or is it only built to handle what you need to manage at the present moment? You want to be sure that the colocation you’re planning on using is scalable, and to what extent. Make sure you know this information before moving forward.



If one of the reasons you’re looking into colocation in the first place is because you’re having connectivity issues and want to make sure your customers are always able to connect, then this is essential. You don’t want to move everything over to a colocation to find out you have worse connectivity.



The “location” in colocation is probably the most important factor. Though it’s hard to envision your network in a physical space, it needs to exist somewhere. The location of that data facility that’s going to host your server is crucial. If it’s located in an area that’s prone to natural disasters, bad weather, or a high crime rate, you might not want your most sensitive information stored there. Do you know where your colocation is located?


Wowrack has colocation data centers in Seattle, East Coast USA, and Europe which each provide clients with  the most trustworthy service out there. Contact us today to learn more.



When thinking about trustworthiness of something like this, security is probably your biggest factor. You could have the best colocation infrastructure in the world, but if it’s not being secured, it’s not really worth it.  You want to make sure that the colocation service you’re using is being strictly monitored at all times. This could be through the use of CCTV cameras or biometric entry or other forms of authorization.



Why are you seeking out a colocation service, anyway? Part of it is for logistics, of course. Hard to keep running  your business without one. But, the other part of it should be the support you get from your MSP. Monitoring your network 24/7, 365 days a year is a good place to start.


When it comes to your company’s Internet services, don’t settle for uncertainty. Be confident that you absolutely trust what you’re getting from your MSP.





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