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Consider Consulting Before Purchasing Internet Services for Your Business

reny     11 June 2017     Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

If you run a business, the way you approach your Internet situation is going to be different from how an individual user would. You need to have the right infrastructure and services to help you run your business as smoothly as possible. However, businesses who are looking for this kind of service may not know exactly what it is they need in the first place. While they may know the basics, like the need for a MSP, they may not know what that would entail.

Many people spend time seeking out the right Internet services for their business. They start with looking for the right managed service provider, then they look into what packages seem to fit their needs. Is it a cloud service? Is it specific hardware? Is it a certain backup recovery system that should be set up? Or, is it cyber-security assessment for compliance? Sometimes, it’s not enough to just read up on descriptions of services in order to make your decision.

That’s why before you make any decisions with your managed service provider, you should inquire about about consulting services, first.


Why Consider Consulting?

Perhaps you already have a good idea about what you want to do. You’re pretty well read up on various Internet services and how they work. But, before you dive in completely to a managed service provider, you want to see if you can take a mix of what they offer you and combine it with what you already know in order to customize your needs at a budget-friendly price. Consulting would therefore be a good choice for someone like you.

But, there’s also another benefit to consulting. Maybe you’re completely clueless when it comes to Internet services for businesses. So, reading a bunch of information on a webpage about all the options out there is useless to you. Seeking consulting sessions for some guidance beforehand is a better way to go.

Whatever Internet service you go with, that’s going to carry your business through, all day, every day. If you run your business online, it’s essential that everything is well taken care of. So, utilizing a consulting session as a stepping stone to what’s going to be a long-term commitment, is not only beneficial, but sometimes, necessary.

Wowrack wants you to make sure you’re completely comfortable before buying Internet services for your business. That’s why we provide FREE whiteboard consulting sessions so you can get all your questions answered.  Contact us today to learn more.


The Different Ways Consulting Can Help You

Beyond the obvious reasons, consulting has a lot of good benefits for you and your potential managed service provider. For one, it gives the MSP a chance to evaluate your business’ current Internet situation and needs before wasting time on something that just won’t work for your company. For the customer, you get a chance to visualize what your Internet services would look like and how they would directly help you accomplish your goals. After all, why waste time or money if you’re not quite sure what the end result is going to be?


What to Expect in an Internet Services Consulting Session

The kind of B2B consulting session you’ll get from a MSP is unique. In this consultation, you’ll both have to bring a lot of information to the table so your MSP can best help you. Kind of like you would bring a list of your symptoms or health history to a consultation at a doctor’s office. Here are some of the things  you can expect out of your meeting:

  • Different potential Internet environments that would suit your needs best
  • Information about Disaster Recovery
  • Discussions about the development and testing period of the services for your company
  • Understanding the type of workload you’re interested in hosting and how the MSP can help you meet the goals you have for that workload
  • Potential costs of specific services provided
  • Questions answered

If you’re really unsure about what kind of Internet services you’re seeking for your business, take your time and sign up for a consultation, first.




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