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Do You Understand How Good Internet Service Really Works?

reny     10 October 2017     Managed Services / Network     0 Comments

When it comes to using Internet for your business, it’s okay to be picky about your options, especially if your business relies heavily on having strong, reliable Internet access. Unfortunately, a lot of business leaders aren’t really aware of the details about how Internet connectivity works, and to most people, the question simply is whether or not they can connect when they need to

But, as you start to use Internet more and more for your business, you might end up learning the hard way that there’s a lot more that goes into having good Internet -- and good Internet service overall. Obviously, both need to be reliable in order to get the best bang for your buck. Of course, part of investing in reliable Internet service is knowing what you’re getting, or in some cases, not getting.

Do you understand how your Internet service really works? These points should help you make sure you’re asking the right questions to your prospective ISP.


The Right Fiber Technology

The way people have connected to the Internet has changed dramatically over the years. As technology has improved, Internet Service Providers want to make sure they are providing the best packages possible to their customers.

That being said, you want to make sure your ISP is using the right fiber technology. Fibers can allow for the fastest possible connection, up to 10gbps.

That’s fast.

But, is it right for your business?


What Do You Get in Addition to High-Speeds?

Okay, high-speed Internet -- that’s good, right?

Yes, it is. But, speed isn’t everything.

When you’re investing in the support of an Internet Service Provider, you want to see what else you get in addition to that high speed. Is there cloud backup available, and to what degree? How much server space are you getting? And, what about actual SERVICE? Will your ISP be there when you need them, without having to pay extra?

When you take all those questions into account, it’s clear that just having fast connectivity speeds isn’t the only thing that makes Internet services “good.”


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Is it Scalable?

As we mentioned before, the quality of the Internet is one thing. But, the quality of the Internet service itself is another. Part of having good Internet service is understanding whether or not the package you’re getting is scalable.

Much like the advancement of Internet technology, your business’ needs can change overtime. So, you don’t want to sign a contract with an ISP that keeps you locked into the largest, most expensive package, especially if money is tight.

Business might become slow. Business might grow rapidly. The thing is, you never really know.

You want the ability to change your Internet package whenever you need to. Because, if it’s not scalable, it’s not good Internet.


There are tons of Internet Service Providers out there. But, what is it that they are really providing, and how does one company stand out from the competition?





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