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What Moving Forward Will Look Like for Wowrack

Tiyan     14 December 2021     News & Updates     0 Comments

The end of the year of 2021 has come ever closer and soon we will welcome the new year of 2022. With it, also comes a new aim towards the future.

As a company that provides IT infrastructure to its customer, Wowrack has always committed to providing the best service it can provide.

And so, with the arrival of the new year of 2022, our resolve to provide the best service in the IT infrastructure service will ever increase.

A Little Look Back on 2021

Before looking at how the future might hold, for both Wowrack and its customer, let's take a look at how 2021 has been.

2021 was a landmark for Wowrack's journey as it marks the 20th year Wowrack has served customers as an IT solution provider.

This landmark then solidifies as Wowrack is being recognized as one of the top 10 providers of private and hybrid cloud by HostReview in their 15th Annual Web Hosting Awards. A great honor for Wowrack as a whole.

The award only pushes us forwards as an IT solution provider to be the best. Our annual SOC 2 Type II/SSAE 18 Audit for example, further proves our commitment towards customers.

With certifications such as these, we can guarantee secure data protection and prevention from any possible cyberattack that might attack our facility and impact your data.

Finally, the topping to all of it, we also perform a little bit of rebranding with our website to match the new decade that we will face.

Moving Forward 

The new year is synonymous with new objectives, new expectations, and higher aims as a form of improvement from the previous year. Thus, here is what Wowrack promises to you.

1. Maintain and Improve Our Service Qualities

Providing the best service we can to the customer has always become our standard practice. Now, we will take it even further to ensure our service qualities by performing audits and certifications such as the SOC 2.

It has been always important for Wowrack to understand the criticality of your business and provide you with the best service that you can get.

2. Increase Our Security Practices Around Your Data

No one likes their data stolen. With the appearance of increasingly advanced forms of cyberattack, appropriate countermeasures must be used to prevent the loss of your data.

Wowrack as an IT solution provider is dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure when stored in our facility. Through meticulous security countermeasure, we will mitigate any direct and indirect cyberattack attempts.

3. Provide IT Innovation to You

Innovation within the IT industry will always arrive at breakneck speed and not many businesses can keep up with it. We will assure you that Wowrack will provide the most up-to-date innovation there is to our service.

4. Trusted as IT Solution Provider Globally

Being recognized as one of the top 10 global providers of private and hybrid cloud by HostReview is a great honor for us. We assure you that this recognition will not be taken for granted.

Wowrack will strive to maintain and improve our service as an IT solution provider. To guarantee that you can entrust your IT needs to us, wherever you are.

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