Graduate Your Cloud Infrastructure with Wowrack

Cloud has not only transformed how the world conducts business but has also lent a hand in the education world by helping reduce IT spend and time maintaining the server infrastructure as well as allowing IT departments to become more efficient. Education institutions are plagued with legacy setups – both from a physical hardware perspective and software. As students continue to become technologically savvy, institutions must nurture this trend by utilizing cloud services that enable collaboration with students and professors alike.

Wowrack helps institutions with bringing organizations out of the dark ages and transforming their IT organizations to become more efficient while delivering better performance with significantly less maintenance and cost. And the good news is that Wowrack can help you every step of the way – from architecting the perfect solution down to implementation.

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reduce IT spend

Reduce IT Spend

You will spend less time and money on managing your infrastructure with a Wowrack private cloud solution while also gaining a team of experts on all things related to cloud infrastructure, Windows, Linux and more – available to you 24/7/365.

customized to your needs

Customized to your needs

We take a hands on approach to determine your needs. As a hybrid cloud provider, we fully believe that one type cloud does not fit all. Based on feedback from consulting with your team, we will develop a perfectly balanced solution that works for your organization.

simplify and optimize

Simplify & Optimize

Leveraging a relationship with Wowrack will allow you to consolidate your infrastructure while giving you better throughput and performance, and meeting your needs for both today and the future.

reduce maintenance

Reduce Maintenance

A private cloud environment with Wowrack means that you are free to take a vacation, knowing that should anything come up, Wowrack is monitoring and will proactively work to remediate any issue, from hardware issues to software/service issues and reporting any issues to your organization.

control of your data

Control of your data

Maintain control of your data with role-based authorization and access controls so that only those with the proper credentials are allowed to access certain parts of your cloud environment. During our consultation, we will work with you to gather your access control requirements.

migration support

Migration Support

Wowrack can assist with moving your applications from your current environment into your cloud infrastructure. We conduct many migrations in support of our clients from various types of platforms – both legacy and newer platforms. Talk to an expert today about what a migration plan looks like.

What makes Wowrack unique?

  • True Hybrid Enablement

  • Easy to do business with

  • Rapid Time-To-Market (as little as 24 hours)

  • Expertise in all things Infrastructure, from hardware to software

Wowrack Highlights

  • Established in 2001

  • POP’s in 9 global markets

  • 100+ Employee’s – 30% of which are engineers

  • 300+ customers – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies

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