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More than ever, there is tremendous pressures on healthcare organizations to ensure that they are keeping client records safe and secure. It is equally important to keep your organizations critical applications running optimally and reliably.

Wowrack’s Healthcare Cloud Computing services, managed by our phenomenal 24/7/365 Security and Engineering teams, is the perfect solution for organizations wanting to reduce their risk and allow the experts at Wowrack manage their infrastructures while you focus on your core business.

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Data Security & Encryption

Reduce your risks by allowing Wowrack to architect a fully managed and dedicated cloud environment that meets your compliancy requirements. This customized environment’s data can also be encrypted both at-rest and in-transit.


Managed Security

Wowrack will monitor your environment 24/7/365 not only on a physical level but also from the network level down to the OS itself. These services are provided proactively with remediation being provided by our engineers who are standing by day and night.


Improve Performance

Being in a house as compared to an apartment is great way to explain a dedicated environment vs a multi-tenant environment via public cloud providers. Because you will have a dedicated environment, you will be the sole stakeholder who will take advantage of amazing performance powered by cutting-edge storage appliances and hypervisors to power your I/O intensive critical applications and data processing.



Privately and securely connect back to your cloud infrastructure hosted in our data center from your offices, branch locations, any company-owned IT infrastructure and even any other public cloud environments you may have. Wowrack understands the need for interconnectivity and can assist and manage the process of integrating your dedicated private cloud with other critical pieces of your organization.

Wowrack Quick Facts


15+ years in business

Wowrack is self-funded and supports the IT operations of start-ups all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

100 Employees

100+ employees

including experts in Linux, Windows Server and related SKU’s, Cisco, Juniper and more!

Global Presence

7 POP's Globally

3 locations in the USA, one of which we own and operate entirely with 18,000 sq ft. in Seattle with 4 across Asia and Europe.

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