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Manufacturers are increasingly realizing and utilizing the benefits of cloud computing at every level of their enterprise – from inventory management, product design to personnel management.

Wowrack enables businesses to increase efficiencies in all aspects by providing the backbone for your Enterprise Resource Planning applications (ERP) and ensuring optimal performance, uptime and the management of your cloud environment. After all, anything less would mean loss productivity, which equates to lost revenue.

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Some of the ERP Systems that our clients move to Wowrack include:

Integration for Full Corporate Cloud Environment

While Wowrack can certainly help with maximizing and making your ERP application more flexible and available to your staff, Wowrack also can simultaneously enable your organization to have an entire Corporate Cloud infrastructure.

This gives your organization the ability to have:

  • Virtual Desktop for each user

  • Application Hosting (such as Accounting, CAD, Development etc.)

  • Microsoft Office Applications

  • Infrastructure-wide Security policies

White Paper: 6 Benefits Manufacturers Gain

Manufacturers are one of the most resistant industries to technology changes, however the benefits of cloud computing can no longer be ignored. Organizations must adapt in some way, or at least explore what a move to the cloud might look like. Even if your organization does not have the internal resources to kick such a project off on your own, your managed cloud service provider is there to be your hero, and support your IT goals in full.

With a managed cloud service provider, your organization will gain a trusted partner that you can not only rely on to build and support your infrastructure, but also a partner that you can lean on for even internal IT projects that may not related to your core infrastructure, as many of our clients do.

Why Wowrack Dedicated Hosting?


Control Costs

Wowrack dedicated solutions are flat-rate, allowing you to eliminate the unpredictability of your cloud IT operations. At the same time, customer environments are tailored with scalability in mind, allowing you to grow while keeping costs down.


Unmanaged to White-Glove

We are setup for businesses that have the goal of focusing on their core business while allowing the experts to manage their IT infrastructure. However we also realize that not all businesses need white-glove hand holding. Our services can be acquired on-demand from customers or up to proactively monitoring the environment and fixing issues before you’re even aware of them.


High Availability

Each organization is different. Some can handle downtime while others must remain online 100% of the time. Wowrack has multiple locations and can deploy Active/Backup and Active/Active environments for your entire infrastructure or just portions of your environment defined as critical.

Wowrack Quick Facts

100+ Talented Employees

including experts in Linux, Windows Server and related SKU’s, Cisco, Juniper and more!

15+ Years in Business

Wowrack is self-funded and supports the IT operations of start-ups all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

100% Uptime

Like our own data center facilities, we build your cloud infrastructure with redundancy and high availability in mind.

Hear From Our Customers

Their service is rock solid, their infrastructure is top tier, and their support is both responsive and professional. As we’ve grown, Wowrack has not only grown with us, they’ve provided guidance and support that’s tailored to us specifically.

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