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With thin margins and an ever-growing emphasis on retailers and ecommerce sites to be customer centric, it is important for retailers to find the balance between efficiencies and cost of their IT infrastructure to deliver fast performing applications that are available 24/7.

Wowrack works closely with restaurants, hotels, museums, health care providers, movie theaters, home improvement chains and more to deliver a secure, fast and most important, a consistently reliable solution to operate their businesses. Because one type of cloud does not fit all, we consult with you to figure out the best path(s) to meet the business need and figuring out what makes most sense to accomplish it - making us not only a true hybrid cloud solutions provider but one that you can trust to give sound advice. Our customers, big and small, rely on Wowrack to power their businesses and provide a service that always goes above-and-beyond the call of duty!

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Here are few companies who rely on Wowrack:

Ecommerce and Retail Cloud Solutions by Wowrack bring:


We are your 24/7/365 team, monitoring and remediating any threats, proactively. Furthermore, we can develop a slew of managed security solutions from firewalls, data encryption (at-rest and in-transit), access controls and more.


Having a partner that can adhere to the regulatory compliancy requirements of your organization is crucial. Our compliance team will sit down with you and ensure that every step of the architecting phase is built with these requirements in mind.

White-Glove Management

Let Wowrack’s team of 100+ take care of the dirty work while you focus on more prudent organizational IT needs. Our in-house team is available 24/7/365 in all areas to assist with fully managing and even co-managing your environment.


Wowrack builds for now and the future, ensuring that you can easily and quickly scale up on a moments notice. Keep up with the demands of your organization, trusting that Wowrack is prepared for the occasion.


For those who already own their gear but want to couple it with a private or even public cloud environment, Wowrack can easily facilitate this with our colocation services coupled with a single or hybrid cloud environment.

Connect to your data center or public cloud

Wowrack has Direct Connect capabilities to all the big cloud providers in addition to being able to create a private and dedicated line back to your office, other data center locations and other clouds.

View Use Cases on How Wowrack Helps Retailers

  • Solution: Managed Private Cloud
  • Type of Business: Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Solution: Colocation, Managed Services
  • Type of Business: Home Improvement Retailer
  • Solution: Managed Private Cloud
  • Type of Business: Wholesale Marine Supplies
  • White Paper: Moving from On-Premise to an IaaS
    - what it looks like

    More and more retailers are making their way to the cloud due to the immense benefits presented to them. In this white paper, we will detail what it looks like for a retailer when they have equipment on-premises, regardless if it is their office or data center, and move it to a hybrid cloud service provider, and explore the solutions and possibilities based on previous implementations done by Wowrack. We will also explore how these solutions can greatly improve the overall health, costs and performance of their core IT infrastructure.

    Hear From Our Customers

    With Wowrack Turbo Cloud, the staff at the restaurants wait less and our customers get a faster response time from the system. We are also seeing a much more stable Virtual Desktop environment. Our email also seems to be working faster. This has been great…

    Lee Spires

    El Gaucho Restaurants / Fire & Vine

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