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With rapidly ever-growing demands for retailers and ecommerce sites to be customer-centric, it is important for retailers to find the balance between cost and technology efficiencies to deliver high-performing, 24/7 available sites and applications.

Wowrack empowers retailers and e-commmerce sites with a unique, dedicated, and customized solution that delivers 24/7 availability, reliable security, and robust infrastructure that can handle high-traffic.

Our recommended IT solutions for Retail & E-Commerce include


Backup and
Disaster Recovery








Private Cloud



How we will help you

01. Consultation and Audit

Our team will personally come to you to discuss and analyze your current IT infrastructure and your needs, as well as what we can do eliminate your IT pain points.


02. Design and Implementation

We will design solutions tailored to your current needs and future improvements.

After everything is ready, we will set up and implement the solutions that we have agreed upon.


03. Continuous Management

Our solutions don’t stop there, as we will also manage your infrastructure, either partially or fully.


04. Done

Your team can collaborate productively without having to worry about IT infrastructure problems any longer.

You can also get support anytime from our 24/7 available experts if you encounter any difficulties.


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How retail can benefit from our solutions

Run your apps and sites smoothly under busy high-traffic

Host and run your critical apps and sites smoothly all the time even under the busiest traffic. Wowrack will ensure that you will be accessible 24/7 by your customers.

We will architect and deliver IT solutions equipped with effective load balancers, DDoS protection, and other features that mitigate downtime.


Combine your gears with ours

If you have your own infrastructure but want to couple it with a private or public cloud environment, we can easily facilitate this with our colocation services coupled with a single or hybrid cloud environment.

We will design and implement the solutions as you operate your business with little to no major technical interruptions possible, as well as to the point of managing your infrastructure health and availability.


Save more money and get the best IT service possible

No need to spend a huge capital expenditure at the beginning to build your robust infrastructure and team of experts.

Our operating-expense-based solutions will help you get robust IT infrastructure and experts team that you can rely on anytime you need. If you want to upgrade your infrastructure, you can scale it up immediately.


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