Managed Security Hosting

Having a 24/7/365 Infrastructure Security Team can be very expensive, and not only is it expensive, but most businesses cannot justify having a team solely for network/infrastructure security monitoring and remediation.

Wowrack simplifies the process with our Managed Security services by helping organizations reduce their costs, offer full stack 24/7/365 security monitoring which holistically reduces your risk of breach. Moreover, this is what we do day-in and day-out, so why not leave it to the experts while you focus on revenue generating IT tasks?

Primary Benefits of our 24/7/365 Managed Security Team:

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring & Remediation

We are constantly monitoring for new and emerging threats against your environment and applying any fixes, patches or blocking malicious traffic proactively.
Increased Efficiently

Increased Efficiently

No need to hire and manage a team of security experts – Wowrack’s In-House security team is here to help streamline your operations so you can get back to business.

Improved insights into emerging threats

Cyber security threats are constantly changing and evolving. It is important that you have a team who is ready and vigilant in detecting these trends to better protect your data.

Refocus your resources

Get back to business and focus on what you do best. Consider us the managers of your server infrastructure, from deployment, scaling, management, monitoring and beyond.

What’s covered?

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Wowrack’s company owned facility is a SSAE-16 Type II/SOC-1 audited facility and is built with redundancies and security all-throughout. For sensitive environments, Wowrack can provided even more physical protection complete with access controls, logs, and even video of anyone who approaches your physical infrastructure.

Network Security

Network Security

Wowrack can assist with deploying all needed security functions of your environment from DDoS protection, VPN, next-gen firewall protection down to log monitoring and the management of these services and appliances. After all, a breach or unavailability of your network could result in lost revenue and productivity. We take network security just as serious as you.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Business continuity is highly important to any organization that is dependent on their server infrastructure. Wowrack has loctions around the world to facility a stand-by site that can immediately be activated upon an issue with your primary deployment.



We’ve partnered with Barracuda to offer a robust set of features to protect your organization against many threats that you don’t think about until it’s too late. We offer a full suite as part of our base services for our Email Security service that provide redundancy, spam filtering, virus protection, data leak prevention and much more!

Data encrypt

Data Encryption

Depending on your security requirements, Wowrack has several ways to handle the integrity of your data. Wowrack can easily and cost-efficiently encrypt your data not only in-transit, but also at-rest in a controllable fashion, encrypting only data sets that need to be encrypted.



As part of our one-on-one consultation with you, we will get an understanding of any compliancy requirements you must adhere to and implement those standards while architecting your custom environment. We can also sign any needed BAA’s as required.

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