Managed Services

Our value proposition is simple: we help fully manage or co-manage your server infrastructure so you can focus on your core business - both saving you money and increasing revenue potential.

Our Cloud Solutions Architects will help with


Consulting with you

Our team will do a discovery on how things currently operate and understand more about where you want to be.


Design for now and the future

The future is always lurking around the corner. As part of our solution, we will design your infrastructure for your needs today and help you understand the options for the future.

Deploy and Managing

Deploy & Manage

Our provisioning team deploys your infrastructure, sets up monitoring on server health and supported applications.

Now that you’re deployed,
our 24/7 engineering team will give you the white-glove treatment

Proactive Monitoring and Security

Proactive Monitoring and Security

Our NOC will monitor your environment 24/7 checking the server health, application status, backup integrity and more. Even more, we are constantly monitoring for threats including network attacks, intrusions, vulnerabilities and more.

Managed Backups and Disaster Recovery

Managed Backups and Disaster Recovery

We’ll keep your data safe and sound by setting up and managing your backups based off details uncovered during the consultation phase. We will also setup any disaster recovery options that were discussed and ensure the integrity of the setup.

Expertise When You Need It

Expertise When You Need It

Our engineers are here to assist day or night in any aspect of your environment – from networking to system administration. Have a new idea and want to get a second opinion? Feel free to utilize us as another member of your team and get feedback based off the numerous deployments we have done.

So, who is managing what?

Our core expertise covers all areas of server infrastructure. We work with our customers to figure out what they are comfortable managing themselves and what they would like to be handled by us.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Administration for both Linux and Windows
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Load Balancing
  • Troubleshooting of hardware and supported softwares
  • Storage Management
  • Maintenance of the environment
  • Physical and Network Security
  • Hybrid Cloud enablement

Here’s What We Include & Support:

Core Care


  • 24/7/365 Priority Support w/ 1 hour response time SLA
  • Access to 24/7/365 NOC and System Engineers
  • Managed Firewall/VPN Support
  • Support for Penetration Testing
  • Design & Architecture Consultation
  • Firmware Updates
  • Automatic OS Updates
  • Managed DNS & LDAP
  • Advanced Server Hardening
  • Vulnerability Scanning
Monitoring & Reporting


  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Server Intrusion Detection
  • Network Intrusion Detection
Hardware Supported


Network Appliances

  • Sonicwall
  • Fortinet
  • Watchguard
  • Aruba
  • Meraki
  • Ubiquity
  • Netscreen
  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • F5
  • Kemp
  • Dell
  • HP

Storage Level

  • Commercial Appliances
  • Dell
  • Nimble
  • HP
  • NetApp
  • and more!

Open Source

  • FreeNAS
  • Open-E
  • Ceph
  • and more!
software Supported


  • Citrix Xen App, XenDesktop & VDI
  • All Versions of Windows Server
  • MySQL/Apache/Tomcat/PERL/PHP/Python
  • .Net/IIS/SharePoint/Terminal Services
  • MS SQL Server Clusters
  • Exchange & Sharepoint
  • All Flavors of Linux
  • Support for Oracle Databases
Virtualization Technology Suppported


  • Citrix XenServer
  • Openstack
  • Cloud stack
  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • Xen


  • 3 Devices
  • 6 Devices
  • 15 Devices
  • 30 Devices
  • 50 Devices

3 Devices

6 Devices

15 Devices

30 Devices

50 Devices

Advanced Devices Supported Includes:
  • Network Devices
  • Storage Devices
  • Hypervisors
2 4 6 10 10
Basic Devices Supported Includes:
  • Linux OS
  • Windows OS
3 6 15 30 50
3rd Party Monitoring Included 5 5 5 5 5

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