Managed Hosting

Wowrack’s suite of managed hosting services provide expertise to our customers who are in need of high traffic, highly resilient application infrastructures. Our managed services is perfect for organizations that wish to focus on their core businesses or focus on other revenue generating IT functions. We enable organizations – big and small – to worry less about their infrastructure, knowing that Wowrack has their back 24/7/365, monitoring, remediating and managing their server infrastructures.

Infrastructure Managed Services

Wowrack truly is your one-stop-shop – not only for deploying your infrastructure, but also being able to offer a comprehensive, white-glove managed suite. Our infrastructure managed services team comprises of a team of engineers fluent in a variety of technologies and infrastructure components including virtualization, Windows & related SKU’s, hardware, including network devices, load balancers, firewalls and more. Equally important, our engineer team is available 24/7/365 in all respects, allowing you to focus on what you do best while trusting that Wowrack has your back.

Our managed services can be applied to many services, including dedicated servers, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and even colocation services.

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Managed Security

Wowrack takes things a step further by also being able to provide Managed Security services

Having a 24/7/365 Infrastructure Security Team can be very expensive, and not only is it expensive, but most businesses cannot justify having a team solely for network/infrastructure security monitoring and remediation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to all areas of infrastructure, including:

  • General infrastructure access controls
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Email
  • Data Encryption
  • Compliance

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Wowrack Deployment Stages

Step 1 LEARN

We consult with you at no charge to learn about your business as well as IT objectives and pain points.


Based off needs uncovered during the consultation phase, we build a solution that satisfies the need. During this phase we help with:

  • Planning
  • Architecting
  • Advising


Now that a solution is on paper, it’s time to do the dirty work and make it a reality. We will fulfill the following:

  • Implementation
  • Hardware and relevant software configurations
  • Testing -> Production


We’re now live! To keep performance optimal and services online 24/7, Wowrack extends our team to help manage the on-going management of the environment by:

  • Monitoring and taking care of any alerts 24/7/365
  • Log auditing
  • Proactive and on-demand support

Wowrack Remote Hands Service

Our remote hands service is available to colocation customers who require the assistance of our 24/7 Data Center team to assist with tasks dealing with equipment within their cabinet. We have two levels of remote hands services:

Basic Remote Hands

Basic Remote Hands

Reboots, KVM/IP hookup, replacing hot-swappable components such as HDD/SSD’s and hot swappable power supply units, remote eyes, and power readings, cable tracing within cabinet.
Smart Hands

Smart Remote Hands

Tasks that require us to open up a device and troubleshoot and/or replace components. OS installs, RAID setups etc. are also considered smart remote hands and would be billable per 15 minutes.