Managed Hosting

Wowrack’s Managed Hosting Services Solutions provide expertise to our customers who are in need of high traffic, highly resilient application infrastructures. Perfect for organizations that lack IT or need robust solutions, our experienced system administrators are able to deploy solutions that include: Hardware, Software, Networking, High Availability Design and Secure Monitoring.

As a Microsoft Gold Level Partner and Open Source supported company, Wowrack is able to offer a complete range of Managed Hosting options ranging from:

  1. Dedicated/leased managed servers
  2. Microsoft licensing on a per monthly basis
  3. Wholesale hardware procurement ranging from HP, Dell and IBM; as well as specific customizable server build outs.
  4. Load-balancing and firewall configurations.
  5. Designing from start-to-finish your production, database and staging environments.
  6. Offering a variety of Virtual Service packages to choose from to fit your business’ on-demand needs.

Wowrack Remote Hands Service

Our remote hands service is available to colocation customers who require the assistance of our 24/7 Data Center team to assist with tasks dealing with equipment within their cabinet. We have two levels of remote hands services:

Basic Remote Hands

Reboots, KVM/IP hookup, replacing hot-swappable components such as HDD/SSD’s and hot swappable power supply units, remote eyes, and power readings, cable tracing within cabinet.

Smart Remote Hands

Tasks that require us to open up a device and troubleshoot and/or replace components. OS installs, RAID setups etc. are also considered smart remote hands and would be billable at $20 per 15 minutes.