HIPAA Compliant Hosting


Your data needs a safehouse, and Wowrack’s HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Cloud, has a solution fit for your specific needs. At Wowrack, we understand that for healthcare organizations, it can be confusing what your setup should be, how to secure your data, and what solution is right for your organization.

Wowrack is increasing its capabilities in the Cloud infrastructure and data securities space. With our partnership together with Above Cloud, a Healthcare risk management consulting company, and Security First Corp FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic and encryption software, Wowrack can completely assess and develop the proper infrastructure framework best suited specifically for your organization – all done free of charge!

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Physical Coverage

Wowrack owns and operates our HQ Seattle Data Center (DC), insuring the highest controls and standards for customers. Your data will reside in a secure, two-factor authenticated, SSAE & SOC attested facility. As a client, you will also have the option to choose between several geographically diverse DC locations to help meet further worldwide disaster recovery, data sovereignty, or compliancy requirements. Our 24/7/365 on premise NOC (Network Operations Center) provides you around the clock security and technical support, any time you need it.​


We cooperate with you in getting a BAA signed!

Part of the Wowrack Healthcare Managed Cloud service is to work with you to sign off on your required Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Wowrack will cooperate and work closely with your organization to make sure your needs are covered.


Built with security in mind

In all healthcare cloud implementations that we do, security is always our top concern and priority. Through our assessment, we will determine the appropriate software and hardware appliances to put in place to ensure that the data which is stored is secure from hackers and that the needed access controls are in place to ensure maximum security of your data, HIPAA or otherwise.

How do we compare to using Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

We get this question often and it is important to understand some of the key differences
between how we compare to the likes of AWS, Google Platform, and Microsoft's Azure.

1. Multi-Tenant vs. Single-Tenant

With Wowrack, the solution we provide you will be a single-tenant environment; that is to say the entire physical setup will be dedicated for only your use, solely for your business. With AWS, Azure, and Google, your data is housed within a multi-tenant, shared, environment. Wowrack IaaS is private, nothing is shared. This can provide your business with adherence to higher compliancy needs, security (peace of mind), and an overall performant setup for your systems.

2. Do you need Managed Services or help understanding how to migrate to the Cloud?

Managing your infrastructure can be a headache. Wowrack offers in person, fully managed services (enterprise Tier3 support). AWS, Azure, Google do not. With Wowrack, we have on demand, network engineers and system administrators staffed 24/7/365 at your disposal, ready when you need it. If your team has too much on their plate or you don't have enough resources internally, why take on more work yourself? Let us handle the heavy lifting for you. Furthermore, everything will be clearly listed on a single invoice.

3. Let's sit down and chat​

Wowrack will personally come to you on an initial consulting engagement. Together, we will dive in deeper technically, through a discovery phone call or in person meet up. Alongside your team, we will identify current pain points and plan for future growth to help your Cloud and network infrastructure scale and handle specific high availability, security, and redundancy requirements. If you prefer to visit us, we'd love to have you come by and tour our 19,000+ sq ft facility and offer a private showing of our flagship, HQ Data Center.

MegaWow is now available!

*Wowrack now offers our MegaWow SD-WAN connectivity up to AWS/Azure/Google. Our Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) technology provides layer 2 transport (Direct Connections) which will allow your organization to freely move data workloads on demand, via our utility, pay per use model.
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Data Security & Availability

  1. Physical
    1. 24/7/365 Staffed Data Center
    2. Two-Factor Authentication required
      1. Keycard and Biometric scannnig required for floor access
    3. 24/7/365 CCTV Surveillance
      1. Over 100 cameras constantly monitoring the facility
      2. Minimal of 30 day video retention
    4. Sophisticated Power Infrastructure
      1. Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
        1. 2N and N+1 UPS farms
        2. Tested multiple times per week
        3. Servers in your environment will have A+B power capabilities
      2. On-Site Generators
        1. Tested weekly to ensure reliability
        2. Fuel contracts in place to ensure fuel availability during an outage
        3. Enough fuel on-site to run facility for 24 hours
  2. Network
    1. Your private environment is configured with the necessary Cisco ASA firewall(s) as a first line of defense
    2. We will configure your firewall policies per your organizational needs
    3. Self-healing network when under a DDoS attack
    4. Redundant Network connections from diverse paths
    5. Multiple network providers in BGP setup to ensure proper fail-over
    6. Load-balancers available for high traffic data
  3. Data Integrity/Disaster Recovery
    1. Servers will be in an appropriate RAID configuration to ensure no data is lost in a disk failure
    2. Continuous and incremental backups available based off your retention requirements
    3. At rest and in transit data encryption available
    4. Cold/Hot stand-by available in a different data center location for high availability