Rapidly scalable protection against DDoS attacks
and mitigation from zero-day vulnerabilities.

DDoS-caused network disruption can disable your business operation, potentially resulting in significant revenue and customer loss. But worry no more.

Wowrack DDoS Protection and Mitigation protects your business from DDoS attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities. Powered by Corero’s unique SmartWall appliance, your business will be able to avoid performance degradation, costly outages, and major security breaches.

Protect your business from malicious traffic

Get clean traffic

Allow clean traffic while blocking malicious traffic from accessing your app or site. Our real-time filtering protects you 24/7, enabling your apps to continuously run with minimum impact.


Keep your business online 24/7

Experience little to no latency, downtime, or outages with the help of our High Availability and Real-time Mitigation Technology.


Optimize your system performance

Wowrack DDoS Protection and Mitigation technology allows your system to run smoothly, unlike ‘traditional’ DDoS detection apps that may cause latency and poor performance.


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Why Wowrack DDoS Protection & Mitigation



Our automated solution provides up-to-date protection from new and evolving threats, including vulnerability and attack signatures.



Features such as perimeter defense and extranet entry points allow global protection, no matter where your network infrastructure is located.


Available for
Non-Wowrack Customers

Our solutions are applicable to your unique environment hosted not in our facilities, adjusting to the traffic patterns and policies.

Full Protection Against

Volumetric DDoS

  • TCP Flood Attacks
  • UDP Flood Attacks
  • UDP Fragmentation Attacks
  • ICMP Floods

    Reflective DDoS

    • NTP Monlist Response Amplification
    • SSDP/UPnP Responses
    • SNMP Inbound Responses
    • Chargen Responses
    • Smurf Attack
    • Fraggle Attack DNS
    • DNS Amplification

    Get clean traffic

    • Malformed and Truncated Packets (e.g. UDP Bombs)
    • IP Fragmentation and Segmentation AETs
    • Invalid TCP Segment IDs
    • Dirty checksums and illegal flags in TCP / UDP frames
    • Null and void TCP / UDP port numbers
    • Use of reserved IP addresses

    Additional Features

    • Command & Control Operations
    • Tunnel Inspection (GRE, MPLS, etc.)
    • NTP Monlist Requests
    • Whitelisting and Blacklisting IP Addresses
    • Flex-Rule – Programmable filters based on the Berkley Packet Format (BPF) syntax.
    • Smart-Rule – Heuristics-based engine leverages heuristics and behavioral analysis to track and rate limit.

    Ready to Deploy Your
    Infrastructure with Wowrack