DDoS Protection & Mitigation


Get rapidly scalable protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and mitigation from zero-day vulnerabilities. Powered by Corero’s unique SmartWall appliance, organizations and businesses no longer have to worry about DDoS attacks attempting to disrupt their networks with Wowrack’s Dedicated In-Line DDoS Protection Solution.

What We Protect Against

  • TCP Flood Attacks
  • UDP Flood Attacks
  • UDP Fragmentation Attacks
  • ICMP Floods
  • NTP Monlist Response Amplification
  • SSDP/UPnP Responses
  • SNMP Inbound Responses
  • Chargen Responses
  • Smurf Attack
  • Fraggle Attack DNS
  • DNS Amplification
  • Malformed and Truncated Packets (e.g. UDP Bombs)
  • IP Fragmentation/Segmentation AETs
  • Invalid TCP Segment IDs
  • Dirty checksums and illegal flags in TCP/UDP frames
  • Null and void TCP/UDP port numbers
  • Use of reserved IP addresses
  • Command & Control Operations
  • Tunnel Inspection (GRE, MPLS, etc.)
  • NTP Monlist Requests
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting of IP Addresses
  • Flex-Rule – Programmable filters based on the Berkley Packet Format (BPF) syntax. These can be programmed to multiple types of attack categories (volumetric/reflective) through to attacks leveraging specific payloads (Teamspeak, RIPv1, netbios).
  • Smart-Rule – Heuristics-based engine leverages heuristics and behavioral analysis to track and rate limit.
DDoS Mitigation

High Availability and Real-time Mitigation

Experience minimal to no latency, downtime, or outages even under circumstances of duress with our DDoS Protection Solution.

DDoS Mitigation

Purified Traffic

Clean traffic with real-time filtering. Allow access for only good packets while stopping malicious traffic at the peering edge, leaving your applications running with minimal impact.

DDoS Mitigation

Always Online Protection & Monitoring

Gain access to complete visibility and data analytics for comprehensive reporting and 24/7 protection and support from our team of experts.

You can save thousands in costs by getting secured today.

Get Started

Avoid performance degradation, costly outages, and major security breaches with the most up-to-date threat defense system. Here’s how it works:

DDoS Protection

With real-time active filtering to detect inbound traffic and anomalies, any bad traffic or traffic associated with malicious DDoS flooding will be automatically removed to allow only good traffic to pass.

Remote DDoS Protection

Not a Wowrack customer?

Just want DDoS protection? Wowrack can deploy our In-Line DDoS Protection as a Shared Solution for you even if you are not hosted on our network.

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Wowrack can deploy DDoS Protection to protect just about anyone, including those that are not hosted in our facilities. With Remote DDoS Protection, you get the same advanced detection and mitigation solution against DDoS attacks as our in-line dedicated solution. Based on your IT infrastructure, our Remote DDoS Protection is designed to fit your unique environment, traffic patterns, policies, and business goals.

The Complete DDoS Defense System

Automatic Updates Wowrack’s DDoS Protection is an automated service that provides continuous protection pack updates to keep you secured from new and evolving threats including vulnerability and attack signatures.
Resilient Performance A slow connection can be just as bad as no connection. Other DDoS detection appliances may cause latency and poor performance when it comes to high-volume traffic analytics. Wowrack’s In-Line DDoS Protection ensures swift response times for all applications while minimizing latency.
Hassle-free Deployments Wowrack’s Remote DDoS Protection can be set up with ease no matter where your network infrastructure is located. With features such as perimeter defense, security over critical servers, and extranet entry points, having peace of mind to global remote access for DDoS protection has never been easier.