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Make cloud storage easier to manage with a software-defined, shared-nothing (SN) architecture. Save on great costs by utilizing a compact, unified, and efficient infrastructure purpose-built for the speed of Business.

As your storage architects, Wowrack will work with you throughout the lifecycle of each storage solution. Providing detailed analysis, design implementation, and 24/7 support. We focus on building the storage infrastructure based off of your business needs first while using the best technologies currently available.

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Reduce costs and simplify by consolidating applications and file storage onto
a hyper-converged agile data infrastructure.

Typical Storage

Typical storage methods uses compute servers that share separate layers of storage appliances over a network. Storage arrays of this design have traditionally been very expensive. For a more cost-effective solution without suffering performance drops, we opt for a hyper-converged infrastructure.


Our hyper-converged solution collapses the local storage within each server into a shared and distributed layer of storage. By augmenting network and storage into a single layer, the compute and storage layers are able to run on the same set of compute nodes. Helping you simplify the usage of current industry-standard hardware to build a lower-cost alternative to traditional storage without sacrificing performance.


  1. Deployments becoming remarkably faster.
  2. Provides more flexibility to scale for more compute or storage needs.
  3. Eliminate the hassle of long provisioning times.

Hyper-V Storage Spaces Direct

Storage Consolidation


Two-Node Support
Storage Spaces Direct clusters allows deployments as small as two servers for helping reduce hardware costs. Businesses with Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBO) will find this feature extremely beneficial and cost-effective.

Drive Fault Tolerance
Through built-in redundancies, as soon as any failures are detected the system will automatically self-heal itself to recover any lost data. By keeping multiple copies of your data, those same copies will be guaranteed to land on any number of the separate drives. This way if any one drive fails, not only is all your data safe, it also remains continuously accessible.

Chassis & Rack Tolerance
The same concept follows suit with your rack servers as well. When you tag each server in a rack or chassis with Storage Spaces Direct, the system will adapt all of its functions to place copies not only in different drives or in different servers, but also in different racks. Even through a rack outage, your data will be completely safe and continuously accessible.

Seamless Expansion
Scale out effortlessly as your needs grow and claim more space simply by more compute nodes to existing clusters. The storage pool will also automatically absorb new drives for scaling up to rebalance any new data. Resulting in better storage efficiency, performance, and improved scalability.

Results-Driven Outcomes

When each storage project is completed, your storage infrastructure should deliver the following:

  1. Meet current business needs and future-proof storage performance.
  2. Scale easily allowing non-disruptive maintenance and updates over time.
  3. Provide a centralized interface with ease of management over entire storage pools.
  4. Deploys from the network fabric to reduce complexities and allow servers to connect to high-speed networking infrastructures to deliver faster data transfers.

Wowrack will continually provide the resources and expertise to help you meet your business goals.

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