The 24/7, fully dedicated, managed security service
done by a team of cybersecurity experts.

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects in business nowadays, navigating how business avoids the rapidly evolving cyberthreats. That said, having an internal, dedicated team to do the job is mostly costly.

Wowrack Security Operations comprises a team of cybersecurity experts, working as an extension of your team to provide 24/7 proactive monitoring, detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management that simultaneously protect and strengthen your infrastructure.

Risk mitigation starts from operations

Achieve big results with minimum cost and time

No need to spend too much money, time, and energy to establish and train your own cybersecurity personnel. Get your dedicated cybersecurity team instantly today.


Get protected from future threats

Avoid cyber threats from potentially jeopardizing your business even before it takes place with managed, automated security detection and response.


Collaborate instantly

As an extension of your team, we can adjust our service to meet your security needs and standards. No need to worry about miscommunication and mishandled infrastructure.


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Why Wowrack Security Operations


24/7 Available
Security Team

Our cybersecurity experts are available anytime to monitor and protect your infrastructure.



We have a partnership with Articwolf, optimizing security in terms of operations and technology.


IT Solutions

Our security operations service can be integrated with other Wowrack solutions, effortlessly.

How our Security Operations work

01. Consultation and Audit

Our team will personally come to you to discuss and analyze your current IT infrastructure and security, as well as what we can do eliminate your IT pain points.


02. Implementation

We will install and implement what is necessary to help you achieve your security goals.

Wowrack will also assign our best cybersecurity experts to supervise and manage your on-going security projects.


03. Continuous Management

Enjoy our optimized managed security service in terms of technology and operations.

We will monitor your security system, detect and respond to incoming and future threats, as well as give you regular reports on how your system is performing.


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