Our Story

Wowrack is a global digital solution provider established in 2001 in Seattle. It has since provided businesses with tailored enterprise-grade infrastructure and managed IT solutions for more than 1000 clients across the globe.

More Than a Service Provider

Our mission is to provide excellence services and to establish partnership beyond a typical service provider. In short, we want to be your trusted partner.

We aim to be the extension of your business operation, achieving your objective through seamless collaboration. Our commitment to valuable relationships drives us to foster long-term connections with our clients.

When you choose to work together with us, you choose a partner who is committed to your success.

How it All Started

Wowrack started in 2001 with six servers and a passion for delivering top-quality dedicated and shared hosting products. The opening of new headquarters in the Westin building and cutting-edge data center in Tukwila allowed us to better serve our customers.

We continue to rise and become a global enterprise with the opening of our new Asia Pacific headquarters in Indonesia in 2010.

Today, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, offering a wide range of IT solutions and building lasting relationships with clients worldwide

Wowrack New Indonesia HQ Grand Opening

Founded in Seattle, USA, with 6 hosting servers.
Moved to the Westin building and added colocation services.
Opened a second data center facility in Tukwila, Washington.
Expanded the operation to the third city in Washington.
Expand to APAC by operating servers in Surabaya & Jakarta.
Established APAC market headquarters in Surabaya.
Expanded data center in Seattle to a 3 MW, in a 1,672 square meters facility.
Launched a multi-tenant cloud solutions platform.
Launched DRAAS, Online Cloud Backup, & Wownet.
Accomplished ISO 27001:2013 certification.
Completed SOC 2 Type II certifications.
Acquired a new APAC Headquarter in Surabaya.
Launched OneWowrack.

What Guide Us

Teamwork is the fundamental element in achieving our success, creating seamless operations to have maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We are committed to continuous innovation, seeking better ways to solve problems with cutting-edge technology, as we promote a culture of care and respect between each other.

We go above and beyond when it comes to service, providing you with the most excellent treatment through professional and attentive services possible.

Upholding unwavering moral principles and honesty in every interaction, we strive to earn and maintain the trust of our community through transparency and truthfulness.
Embracing the responsibility for our actions and decisions, we acknowledge the impact of our choices and hold ourselves accountable with dedication to our commitments.
Cultivating a culture of compassion and empathy, we prioritize the well-being of our community and foster a supportive environment where everyone is valued and respected.
Excellent Service
Striving for the highest quality and performance standards, we commit to delivering exceptional service and experience to our clients, partners, vendors, and principals.
Fostering a spirit of creativity and fearless exploration, we continuously seek new ideas and approaches to address challenges and push the boundaries of what's possible.
We work as a team, collaborate seamlessly, and leverage our diverse strengths and perspectives to achieve our goals, promoting synergy, efficiency, and mutual success.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the tech leaders who inspire our innovation. Their wisdom, experience, and passion cultivate a corporate culture where the incredible is possible.

Ed has co-founded and run several global web hosting companies focused on managed hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, IT consulting, cloud computing, and hybrid cloud infrastructure since the late 1990s. Ed has a robust system administration and technical background, making him an excellent fit for understanding the pain points of managing cloud infrastructure.

Ed enjoys traveling and spending quality time with family and friends in his spare time. Ed is also an avid photographer and news junkie.

Rudy is the most technically capable member of the management team. Rudy is a network engineer by trade and has been directly responsible for managing the internet routing protocols of many large ISPs since 1995. Rudy currently resides in Indonesia, making him the perfect fit to lead Wowrack's Asia Pacific.

Rudy loves traveling in his free time, watching MCU movies, and enjoying his family's companionship. He also loves taking photos, testing the latest gadgets, and sampling new culinary delights.

Jim’s expertise in data center design, day-to-day operations, knowledge of the internet hosting industry, and his passionate customer-centric approach have earned him customer accolades and made him invaluable to the Wowrack management team.

Jim is captivated by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and he loves outdoor activities. His outdoor “toys” include a 22” trailer, 4x4 Sport Utility ATV, and go-karts. He is particularly proud of his go-karting skills and welcomes to challenge anyone to beat him!

Lawrence Gatza
VP of Business Development
Elise Dorris
Director of Administration
Eric Rodriguez
Sr. Technical Account Manager
Yohana Susilo
Software Dev. Manager
Bret Staton
Cybersecurity Architect
Rasti Sindu
People Happiness Manager

One Brand, One Vision, One Mission

Embracing unity, we're transforming from "Wowrack US" and "Wowrack Indonesia" into one: Wowrack.

Our Engineering Team

Explore the realm of technical excellence and unwavering support at Wowrack, where our dedicated team of over 80 certified engineers guarantees flawless operations and delivers unparalleled customer service.

Our Mascot: HIROW

Wowrack's courageous, tech-savvy mascot embodies bravery, selflessness, and advanced skills. As a tech-savvy assistant, HIROW consistently adapts to the latest technology, reflecting our commitment to help, integrity, and reliability.

Our Causes

At Wowrack, we believe in positively impacting the communities we serve and the environment in which we live. We commit to create meaningful change and contribute to a better world through our sustainability initiatives.

Be a Part of the Wowrack Family!
Build and develop your career with Wowrack. By joining a global tech company, achieve the success of your mission and quality of life. Let's reach your dream career with Wowrack!
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