Our Mascot: HIROW

Wowrack's courageous, tech-savvy mascot embodies bravery, selflessness, and advanced skills. As a tech-savvy assistant, HIROW consistently adapts to the latest technology, reflecting our commitment to help, integrity, and reliability.


HIROW is a friendly robot that always serves sincerely wherever and whenever. HIROW is also equipped with the latest technology so that it has high technical skills, quickly adapts to the newest technology, and is always ready 24/7/365 to face any challenges.

HI-RO (ヒーロー)

in Japanese, it means hero.

For us, HIROW means:

HIROW Personalities

#1 The Ears
Bluetooth headphones inspire HIROW's ear shape. This represents his ability to listen to clients' needs. Apart from that, a Bluetooth feature supports data transmission on HIROW.
#2 Coloration
HIROW's body is dominated by gray to show the characteristics of robots in general, and the blue color reflects Wowrack's reliability in providing services in the technology sector.
#3 Stable Feets
HIROW's legs, which look solid, represent that Wowrack is a stable and robust company.
HIROW Personality
#4 Head Printed Antenna
The two curved lines on HIROW's head are inspired by the glass-printed antennas on cars that function as Wi-Fi and GPS receivers.
#5 Flexible Hand
HIROW is equipped with flexible hands to help him move more freely and dexterously. This represents Wowrack's flexibility towards client needs and ability to adapt to new changes.
#6 Wowrack Logo
The Wowrack logo in the middle symbolizes the life invested in HIROW, indicating that HIROW upholds Wowrack's Core Values.

HIROW Colors


HIROW Expressions

HIROW facial expression can be used according to illustration needs and applied to media icons, stickers, etc.
HIROW Expression

How to Use HIROW on Various Media

Correct Usage on Colored Background
HIROW Correct Background Use
Applying HIROW to some recommended background colors (light or slightly contrasting).
Incorrect Usage on Colored Background
HIROW Incorrect Background Use
HIROW should not be applied to dark or overly contrasting backgrounds.

Examples of HIROW Application in Various Media Examples of HIROW Application in Various Media

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