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Protect Your Patients With HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Ellen     15 May 2018     Cloud Infrastructure / Compliance     0 Comments

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the United States legislation that protects patient privacy, became law in 1996. At that time, the internet played a much smaller role in the healthcare industry. Today, however, doctors and patients use applications and internet correspondences to track healthcare concerns. While this technology is wonderful for education and access, it has presented a new problem for healthcare tech. The fairly recent reliance on cloud hosting means that HIPAA compliance has become more complicated. How can you ensure that you're protecting your patients' information from hacking and leaks? Thankfully, Wowrack can help you with HIPAA compliant hosting.


HIPAA Compliant Hosting Begins With a Free Assessment

Wowrack can work with you and your HIPAA compliant cloud hosting needs. At Wowrack, we start with a free assessment. We have valued partnerships with Above Cloud, a company dedicated to managing healthcare risk, and Security Force Corp, a certified encryption software company. Through these partnerships, we assess your software to ensure HIPAA compliance and spot weaknesses in your data technology. This assessment is free and comes with no risk to your company.


The Business Associate Agreement

The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is an important part of keeping your patients safe. The BAA applies to personnel that work on medical software and other resources but are not in the medical profession themselves. Sometimes it's a struggle to get all the necessary parties to sign, but at Wowrack we will happily work with you in obtaining your signed BAA. When you're trying to protect information and establish HIPAA compliant hosting, you don't need an extra obstacle standing in the way of patient safety.


External Protection

A large part of maintaining HIPAA compliant hosting involves external protection. The hardware you store your information on is just as important as your software solutions. It's also important to keep HIPAA protected data in a secure location. With Wowrack, your data is stored in a highly secure, two-factor authenticated data center. You can also choose between several data center locations worldwide to meet your specific needs. No matter your choice, the information stays safe because security is our top priority.


Internal Protection

Of course, you'll also need software protection, and at Wowrack we're highly experienced in this type of protection. Our encryption experts keep your patients' information safe from hacking, leaks, and other internal disasters. We will work to determine the best software and hardware configuration to provide optimal protection while meeting the needs of your healthcare organization.

At Wowrack, we understand the importance of patient information protection. You want to help your patients with the latest technology while maintaining their trust. We want to help. Contact us through our website to schedule your consultation today.

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