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Managed Private Cloud Enable Fisheries Supply to Focus on its Core Business

Fisheries Supply's minimal IT team faced challenges with outdated on-premise infrastructure. Opting for Wowrack's Managed Private Cloud enabled a hardware refresh, freeing Fisheries Supply's staff from infrastructure management to focus on core business activities.


Fisheries Supply has a minimal IT staff who often spend long hours, during and after business hours, performing maintenance tasks, troubleshooting, and handling daily help desk issues. Additionally, Fisheries Supply's on-premise infrastructure was outdated and needed a refresh.

Fisheries Supply decided to leverage Wowrack's skill set and workforce by deploying a Managed Private Cloud with Wowrack. This allowed for a hardware refresh while freeing up Fisheries Supply's time since Wowrack is now managing its infrastructure.

Focus on core business instead of IT infrastructure
Fisheries has added an extension to its team
Infra is stored in an enterprise data center
Consolidation of corporate infra and public website

Challenges Faced

With an IT staff of just 1, Dee Todd, the IT Administrator at Fisheries Supply, is responsible for everything with a plug. Dee is responsible for everything from administrator, help desk, and infrastructure uptime. "I often found myself working well into the night, patching all of our servers. And with technology constantly changing, it has been a challenge keeping up with the latest and greatest while also serving my organization", says Todd.

Fisheries were utilizing legacy hardware for their corporate infrastructure, responsible for hosting their ERP system and other critical corporate applications and services. Because of the age of this infrastructure, it was becoming more expensive to maintain, and replacement parts were no longer available. Fisheries wanted to move its website from its previous hosting provider to this new infrastructure. With its aging server infrastructure and a stretched IT Administrator, Fisheries decided to begin its search for a managed private cloud environment.

Solution Provided by Wowrack

After much research on the Fisheries' side and a deep-dive consultation between Fisheries Supply and Wowrack, Fisheries felt very comfortable. They were impressed with the Wowrack team and chose Wowrack as their Managed Private Cloud solutions provider. With Wowrack as their cloud solutions provider, Fisheries can now hand over responsibility for a significant chunk of the server infrastructure by allowing Wowrack's engineering team of 24/7/365 experts to manage the environment.

Additionally, Todd no longer has to worry about monitoring and performing daily tasks related to the infrastructure. "I feel like I have a team working for me. I can ask them to do anything knowing it will be executed precisely," said Todd. "Wowrack has allowed me to shift some of my growing responsibilities onto them, allowing me more time to focus on other issues," she continued.

Outcomes and Benefits

After migrating Fisheries Supply's corporate infrastructure and website to their tailor-made private cloud environment, Fisheries now enjoys running their critical applications in updated hardware and experiencing increased productivity & efficiency with the help of Wowrack's Managed Services.

Moreover, Wowrack has provided Fisheries with added peace of mind now that they have an extension to their team to help with any other IT challenges. "Going with Wowrack has allowed me peace of mind. I no longer need to stay at the office after-hours troubleshooting and maintaining our on-premise infrastructure," said Todd.

"I can take time off knowing that Wowrack has Fisheries critical infrastructure under control. Someone is constantly monitoring our equipment and environment. Furthermore, my experience with the Wowrack support team has been the best in class. They are up on the latest technologies, and they've taken care of our support requests quickly and efficiently. The Support Team has experience and expertise in technology that is beyond my scope," she continued.

Fisheries have also increased the resiliency of their environment by hosting it in purpose-built environments such as Wowrack's flagship data center. Wowrack's state-of-the-art data center has on-site generators, battery backups, and multiple network carriers with redundancies built in at every level. For organizations such as Fisheries Supply, whose core business does not justify having such redundancies to support their IT operations, these features are considered cost-prohibitive, and reliance on a provider like Wowrack is critical.

About the Company

Company Name
Fisheries Supply
United States of America
Fisheries Supply is a Seattle-based, family-owned marine supplies company that opened its doors nearly 100 years ago in Seattle. Fisheries Supply has an online catalog of over 100,000 products, a 36,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and a storefront near Seattle’s Gasworks Park. Fisheries grew its footprint by serving boat dealers, builders, yards, chandleries, commercial fishermen, and recreational boaters across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and beyond.
Wowrack has Fisheries critical infrastructure under control, where someone is constantly monitoring our equipment and environment. Furthermore, my experience with the Wowrack support team has been the best in class. The Support Team has experience and expertise in technology that is beyond my scope.
Kyle Sutter, VP of Technology at Fisheries Supply
Kyle Sutter
VP of Technology at Fisheries Supply

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