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The Benefits from a Managed Private IT Infrastructure Makes Goshly More Efficient

Goshly was seeking a provider who not only could deliver a reliable private cloud solution but also provide comprehensive management services so that they could focus on what they do best. This is where Wowrack's specialties help them focus on what they do best: software development.


As a start-up, Goshly must be efficient with its resources. Goshly had historically managed its server farm and had no virtualization. This meant they could not quickly scale and had a more extensive physical footprint than needed compared to a virtualized environment. With having to manage all components – including infrastructure, updates, patches, security, backup, log auditing, etc.- they could not entirely focus on what they do best: software development.

Goshly understood what efficiency means and quickly realized the benefits of a managed private infrastructure and the cost efficiencies of such a setup. As a result, Wowrack was selected as their provider for their private cloud environment, in addition to the use of Wowrack's impressive 24/7/365 Managed Support team.

Focus on core business
Fully private cloud environment
Quickly deploy new servers
Easily scale up and down as needed

Challenges Faced

Previous to Wowrack, Goshly was deployed in a pure bare-metal environment. Moreover, the atmosphere was utterly unmanaged, which required Goshly to dedicate resources to maintaining their server infrastructure. This environment was not easily scalable and required several physical servers to be deployed, which, as a result, required more physical management of the hardware itself and higher costs. "In our bare-metal environment, we found it extremely cumbersome to expand when needed," says Mark Friedman, CEO of Goshly. He continued, "Provisioning a new server would usually take days, and it created the opportunity for yet another device to have issues. As a SaaS provider, we needed to be able to quickly spin up new servers to keep to our internal deadlines, better serve our customers, and keep up with demand."

With any server deployment, the health and efficiency of that deployment are only as good as the expertise you have behind that environment. Goshly was solely responsible for managing their environment, which was taken away. Precious time that they could otherwise dedicate to serving their core business functions. Furthermore, issues could not quickly be looked into. "As a start-up, having an in-house 24/7/365 team to monitor, remediate, and manage the environment, backup processes, log, auditing, and security functions are cost-prohibitive. We needed a solution that could provide these key services cost-effectively," says Friedman.

Solution Provided by Wowrack

Goshly began searching for solutions that 1) freed up their time from infrastructure management, 2) provided a scalable cloud platform enabling them to deploy new servers quickly, and 3) were cost-effective.

Goshly approached Wowrack and explained what they were trying to accomplish. "Wowrack team was very hands-on. They took the time to understand our business and goals. They laid out a few options for us and explained the pros and cons of each."

Like many organizations, Goshly seriously investigated the use of the public cloud. However, because Goshly was looking for a managed environment with varying data sets, the costs of a comparable background, in addition to the management of the environment, would have proved absurdly expensive and inefficient. Friedman said of their public cloud consideration: "It was simply a no-go. Specifically, we looked into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and found that for our requirements, we would be paying more than double our current spend with Wowrack".

Outcomes and Benefits

Wowrack deployed the private cloud infrastructure in the Wowrack Seattle SSAE-16 Type II/SOC 1 data center. By engaging with Wowrack, the Goshly team can scale up and down as needed and deploy VMs on demand. The environment was explicitly customized to Goshly and now makes it easier than ever to deploy a development infrastructure to test new features and changes and spin them down - all in a private, single-tenant environment. The environment also allows them to define specific QoS standards by having certain data sets on SSDs while others are on standard mechanical drives.

Furthermore, the Goshly team can focus on what it does best: software development and taking care of its customers. Goshly no longer needs to worry about monitoring the infrastructure - from the service level to backups and performance. Instead, the Wowrack team proactively monitors and remediates any issues that arise. This means that Goshly does not need to hire an in-house team of 24/7 professionals but instead can leverage Wowrack's team that performs such tasks daily. "The Wowrack team is amazingly responsive and alerts us of issues before we even notice them, and quickly resolves them. This has allowed us to streamline our internal operations and focus more on key items that every SaaS company deals with," said Friedman. "The hosting provider you choose is the most important partnership for a SaaS company, and I am delighted to have partnered with Wowrack."

About the Company

Company Name
United States of America
Goshly is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that has developed a next-gen website builder and ecommerce ecosystem that makes it easy for its customers to build responsive websites based on its own proprietary responsive framework. Goshly enables its users to quickly stand up websites thanks to its algorithm, which allows its users to drop and drag elements within a given site.
Wowrack team is amazingly responsive and alerts us of issues before we even notice them, and quickly resolves them. This has allowed us to streamline our internal operations and focus more on key items that every SaaS company deals with. The hosting provider you choose is the most important partnership for a SaaS company, and I am delighted to have partnered with Wowrack.
Mark Friedman, CEO of Goshly
Mark Friedman
CEO at Goshly

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