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Enabling Data Compression Rate of Nearly 50% for Global Harvest Foods

With a growing employee headcount and limited IT staff, discover how Wowrack thoroughly assisted Global Harvest Foods with our personalized & comprehensive Managed Services to enable a data compression rate of nearly 50% for their server infrastructure.


With over 250 employees and 6 production facilities across the US, shipping hundreds of millions of pounds of bird seeds via truck and train freight, supporting 140+ different products, and having critical systems functioning any less than 100% of the time is unacceptable for Global Harvest Foods.

They deployed a private cloud environment by leveraging Wowrack with an Active-Active high availability environment for maximum uptime of their ERP and corporate applications. Wowrack manages the entire environment, allowing Global Harvest's IT staff more breathing room to focus on other tasks.

Data compression rate of nearly 50%
Maximum uptime of ERP and corporate applications
Server with proper controls and redundancies
High Availability infrastructure

Challenges Faced

Before using Wowrack, Global Harvest was facing multiple challenges. Global Harvest had an aging server infrastructure hosted in an environment less than ideal for server production. Moreover, Global Harvest had no IT Manager's nightmare, with a growth in employee count yet still a minimal IT staff expected to service this user base. "There was no way we could sustain having a limited IT staff while also delighting an increased employee headcount," recalls Dayve Martin, IT Administrator at Global Harvest. "Not only were we limited on a workforce front, but the backend infrastructure needed more capacity to support our growth. Something had to be done." Martin continued.

Global Harvest has relationships with some of the biggest retailers in the world. The systems they hosted were and continue to be critical in maintaining its core business functions, supporting these relationships, its employees, and product production. Such a business warranted a proper infrastructure and setup with adequate cooling, security, network & power redundancies.

With the lack of IT human resources, a growing employee count, and an improper server infrastructure, Global Harvest began searching for a provider who could best fix these challenges.

Solution Provided by Wowrack

Global Harvest began searching locally and nationally for a service provider that best fits their business needs and is financially viable. "We are a company that understands the value a company like Wowrack can bring, but in the same breath, we are not doing billions of dollars in business. We needed the solution to be cost-efficient yet meet all of our needs regarding the features and SLAs we were looking for within our infrastructure, along with the support and management to go along with it," says Martin. Martin continued, "After carefully reviewing our options, we felt that Wowrack understood us as a company and was capable and savvy on the technical side."

After consultations between Wowrack's engineering team and Global Harvest, Wowrack architected a private cloud environment that perfectly aligned with what Global Harvest was looking for. This solution eventually ballooned into an Active-Active high availability private cloud setup, leveraging Wowrack's Seattle and Dallas locations, with Wowrack managing the entirety of the infrastructure. "I've become very spoiled by Wowrack's level of personalized service. Not only that, but they know how to explain things non-technically so that our management teams have a full picture of what is going on."

Outcomes and Benefits

Global Harvest has seen immense value in utilizing Wowrack for infrastructure and the white-glove service that compliments it. Wowrack takes care of all their infrastructure needs - from patching, maintenance, upgrades, and projects- in addition to 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and remediation of any issues. "Wowrack continues to be a godsend for us. Our workload has become more manageable due to leveraging a relationship with Wowrack. Furthermore, they are competent and continue to go above and beyond for us," says Martin.

A high-performance SAN is part of Wowrack's solution to Global Harvest. With the implementation of a high-performance storage infrastructure that compliments the private cloud, Global Harvest enjoys a compression rate of nearly 50%. This allows Global Harvest to do more with less, quite literally.

Global Harvest critical applications, including its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system along with its corporate applications and files, are now stored in an environment built for enterprise production - from the server environment itself to the infrastructure that powers it due to Wowrack's SSAE-16 Type I/SOC 1 audited facilities.

"For any company thinking about handing over the management of their critical server infrastructure, you need to look no further than Wowrack. The team there cares, and with this partnership, I know I have a solid partner to lean on. I appreciate having them part of the team!" Martin concluded.

About the Company

Company Name
Global Harvest Foods
United States of America
Founded in 1982, Global Harvest Foods is a family-owned leading manufacturer of wild bird and small critter food and is one of the top 100 US exporters in doing so. They are responsible for brands like Morning Song and Audubon Park, which are sold in grocery stores, pet stores, and wholesale retail stores nationwide. Global Harvest produces this high-quality wild bird food formula under other private-label brands.
For any company thinking about handing over the management of their critical server infrastructure, you need to look no further than Wowrack. The team there cares, and with this partnership, I know I have a solid partner to lean on. I appreciate having them as part of the team!
Dayve Martin
IT Network Administrator at Global Harvest Foods

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