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Denali Delivers 24/7 Banking Experience by Utilizing Wowrack's Solution

With a rapidly growing number of members, DFCU has a mission to help its community achieve financial success. Wowrack provides a hybrid solution, colocation, and private cloud services that address downtime and security concerns to help DFCU create an uninterrupted banking experience.


Before digital transformation generated such change and impacts in the business world, Denali Federal Credit Union (DFCU) already reflected upon these needs. To meet future service standards, competitions, and needs, DFCU was planning to establish a disaster recovery site that will enable 24/7 banking experience and mitigate, or even avoid, the devastating impacts of prolonged outage in the event of a failure of its primary data center infrastructure.

DFCU is headquartered in Alaska but runs businesses in its domicile and the mainland United States. This situation has put extraordinary importance on having a secondary site for DFCU to prevent communication issues between its operations in Alaska and the Mainland US from happening. DFCU, thus, began to look for a colocation partner that can proactively manage its entire footprint of the data center and disaster recovery site.

100% Uptime Without a Single Interruption
Enable More Secure Infrastructure Facility
Able to Deliver 24/7 Banking Experience
24/7/365 Support from Wowrack

The Challenges

DFCU established relationships with several disaster recovery site providers who claimed to be competent in catering to DFUC's disaster recovery plans. Unfortunately, the relationship did not come out as planned due to service issues, unexpected power outages, and concerns regarding security operations. The problems combined were fundamental needs and requirements of continuous infrastructure's critical functions.

For DFCU, such fundamental issues as power outages would ultimately cause its 78,000+ members to lose trust in the credit union. As grave as it is, this can also eventually harm DFCU's reputation and reliability, hindering DFCU from competing against similar services on fair ground. Due to the operational and technical issues experienced with the previous disaster recovery providers, DFCU started to search for a new partner who provides continuously accessible facilities, whether it is 3 AM or 3 PM.

After an intensive search for a provider in the mainland United States who could provide not only the data center facility and connectivity requirement but also service requirements, DFCU eventually discovered Wowrack.

The Solutions

Upon understanding what DFCU needs, Wowrack defines the pain points covering a well-delivered service and facility and the competence to maintain and guarantee service standards and facility uptime.

To facilitate DFCU's needs, Wowrack hosts DFCU's disaster recovery site in Wowrack's state-of-the-art SOC2 Type II/SSAE 18-certified Seattle data center. With 3W power capacity, 2N and N+1 UPS redundancies, N+1 cooling redundancies, and 24/7 on-site network engineers, Wowrack can manage and ensure the infrastructure keeps operating without a single hiccup.

"The flexibility of Wowrack was another key point for us. Their entire team was so easy to work with, and things we thought would be a challenge, Wowrack gracefully handled without headache," said Travis Rupp, their Vice President of Information Technology.

To meet future needs, Wowrack also designs a highly scalable and flexible private cloud environment that DFCU can use to run its business across Alaska and the mainland US with little to no trouble. Wowrack connects DFCU's private cloud and colocation to one homogenous environment, enabling ease of use and access. This way, DFCU can operate & access its infrastructure at any given time and prepare for future needs.

The Results

Since implementing Wowrack's solution in 2016, DFCU has maintained 100% uptime without interruption. DFCU's IT infrastructure and operation run smoothly and continuously without a pause, with the support of Wowrack's 24/7 available technology and network engineers. This has enabled DFCU to focus on its core business today and in the future, delivering 24/7 banking experience and helping its customers succeed financially.

About the Company

Company Name
Denali Federal Credit Union
United States of America
Being one of the top three most prominent credit unions in Alaska, Denali Federal Credit Union (DFCU) has more than $680M in assets, 320+ employees, and 78,000+ members, as well as 15 branches across Alaska and Washington as of August 2018. DFCU started its journey as a member-centric union in 1948, providing low-interest personal and business loans.
In the end, choosing Wowrack for us was a no-brainer. Their way of doing business closely aligns with how we treat our members and offer a competitive product that our members can rely on. The flexibility of Wowrack was another critical point for us. Their entire team was so easy to work with, and they gracefully handled things we thought would be challenging without a headache.
Travis Rupp, VP of Information Technology at Denali Federal Credit Union
Travis Rupp
VP of Information Technology at Denali Federal Credit Union

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