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SYBIS Enables Faster Customer Onboarding While Allowing a Uniform Experience

Rather than maintaining servers at individual client offices, SYBIS opted for a provider to host their application, ensuring reliable and secure hosting for maximum availability. SYBIS selected Wowrack's colocation service, public cloud, and Managed Services to host their web platform and CRM.


SYBIS, a professional family-owned business, had no resources to hire a system admin and handle data center-related activity. Instead, SYBIS prefers to streamline its operations as much as possible to use its personnel's time best.

Wowrack supported SYBIS in configuring its equipment within its 18,000-square-foot data center in Seattle. This consolidation enabled SYBIS to enhance its value proposition to end-users by eliminating customers' need to host and maintain extra equipment for managing SYBIS' security solutions.

Faster Customers' Onboarding
Allowing a Uniform User Experience
Leverage Existing Equipment with Greater Scalability
Having 24/7/365 Support Team

Challenges Faced

SYBIS has customers throughout the Pacific Northwest region who trust SYBIS to have the tools its end-users require 24/7/365. Before Wowrack, SYBIS would have to provision a server on the customer's premises, which increases the cost and time of acquisition and leaves room for something to go wrong. The customer's premises lose power, experience network issues, or otherwise. "Installing equipment in our customers' offices was a show stopper. We needed a way to make customer acquisition easy on both sides while saving our resources in time, money, and headache should something go wrong at the customer's site," said Jeremy Djajadi, Co-founder and Partner at SYBIS.

As such, SYBIS needed a partner whom they could trust to deliver maximum uptime while also being able to support their server. Infrastructure needs. Using a hosted solution, SYBIS would eliminate the need to install equipment at the customer's premises while allowing for a uniform user experience.

The primary determining factors that SYBIS considered were 1) ease of business, 2) provider longevity, 3) managed services availability, and 4) on-site support availability.

Solution Provided by Wowrack

After exceeding the standards of SYBIS' requirements, SYBIS chose Wowrack as its hosting provider to host their server infrastructure in its SSAE-16/SOC 1 Type I audited facility in Seattle.

"By going with Wowrack, we can now rest well at night knowing that Wowrack has our back and is standing by whenever we need their expertise," said Jonathan Djajadi. Jonathan continued, saying, "Wowrack's determination to go above and beyond was the biggest selling point. The ownership group of Wowrack is available and accessible, the support team is eager to help, and most importantly, the service delivers as promised."

In addition to hosting SYBIS' web platform, they also subscribed to Wowrack's public cloud and Managed Services to host their CRM and for Wowrack to assist with managing the back end of their virtual environment.

SYBIS web platform is hosted using its equipment. It utilizes Wowrack's Managed Colocation services, enabling SYBIS to leverage its existing equipment with the scalability of Wowrack's public cloud offering.

Outcomes and Benefits

Wowrack's team assisted SYBIS with setting up its equipment within its 18,000-square-foot data center in Seattle. By doing so, SYBIS successfully consolidated its operations and improved its value proposition to end-users by eliminating the need for the customer to host and maintain additional equipment to manage SYBIS' security solutions. "We are very grateful for our partnership with Wowrack. As the years go on, they have consistently been one of many decisions I am proud of," Jonathan Djajadi said. He continued, "Even today, I am still amazed by Wowrack's ability to over-perform and exceed our expectations."

In addition to eliminating the need for SYBIS' end users to host their equipment, SYBIS can call Wowrack's support team part of their own. As a valued partner, SYBIS takes advantage of Wowrack's in-house 24/7/365 team, which features experts in all areas of server infrastructure, including networking, server hardware, Windows, all flavors of Linux, and more. "Wowrack has proven to be a true one-stop-shop. Anytime we have an issue, need advice, or have an infrastructure need, I know I can count on Wowrack to take care of the matter and provide sound advice quickly," says Jeremy Djajadi.

Because of the extensive service portfolio Wowrack offers, SYBIS can focus on growing its business instead of worrying about IT headaches, giving them a competitive edge.

About the Company

Company Name
United States of America
SYBIS is a Seattle-area based company providing its clients with scalable access control systems and security system solutions and serves customers largely in the Pacific Northwest and abroad as well. Whether it be securing a daycare, a worship center, data centers or protecting a nations electric utility grid – SYBIS curates a solution to fit the security and access control need.
We are very grateful for our partnership with Wowrack. As the years go on, they have consistently been one of many decisions I am proud of. Their determination to go above and beyond was the most significant selling point. Wowrack's founders are always available and accessible, the support team is eager to help, and most importantly, the service is delivered as promised.
Jonathan Djajadi, Co-Founder and Partner at SYBIS
Jonathan Djajadi
Co-founder and Partner at SYBIS

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