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thrive     27 October 2019     Managed Services     0 Comments

Having an IT department in any business can be costly and consume unnecessary human resources which could be spent elsewhere. Never mind the burden of trying to manage multiple systems from different providers. Apart from being able to collate most of these together for easier workflow, Wowrack offer both full management as well as co-management solutions for your server infrastructure allowing you to focus on doing actual business.


Services include consulting to develop a system perfect for your unique needs as a business, designing and implementing scalable infrastructure to meet your immediate needs as well as planning for the future. Once your architecture has been approved it will be deployed and have server monitoring and management systems in place.

Proactive monitoring and security by our experienced team will ensure server health and backup integrity whilst persistently staying on top of potential cyber-attacks and network vulnerabilities.

Data security is of great importance to you and the Wowrack team. Services are implemented depending on your needs determined in initial consultation and can include scheduled backups and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business safe.

With many skilful engineers available around the clock to assist with any aspect of your environment your business can be assured of professional attention at all times.


The primary purpose of security is privacy and business continuity. To secure the physical infrastructure of your business data the facility is SSAE-16 Type II/SOC-1 audited to comply with industry standards. Security measures include but are not limited to access control and video surveillance.

In securing your network from cyber-attacks you are safe with Wowrack’s security team. Offering management of services ranging from up to date DDoS and firewall protection all the way down to monitoring of logs. In this age, there is nothing more important than data privacy and security. This should be taken very seriously and regarded with due diligence.

Another important part of your security should be disaster risk management. If you were to lose data or experience server downtime this could be detrimental to your business and client relations. With this in mind Wowrack keeps your business operational by having backups facilities on standby around the globe where your data can be backed up and instantly deployed should the unlikely scenario arise that the primary servers are down. Ultimately you can be assured that should disaster strike, your data recovery is simple.


Many threats and system attacks are delivered via email and are only discovered once it is too late. By partnering with a state-of-the-art email security gateway provider, we have made a full suite of email security from spam filters to virus protection are implemented as part of our base services.


With numerous ways to maintain the integrity of your data depending on your business needs custom cost-effective measures can be implemented be it across the board or just specific data sets. Not only can in-transit data be encrypted but also at-rest data meaning physically stored or inactive data.

For the very best in managed hosting solutions for your business get in touch so we can us design your system architecture whilst adhering to any compliance regulations you may require.

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