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History of Data Centers

What is a data center?  A data center is a facility that stores computer machines and their hardware equipment. This place is where organizations keep their IT operations and store all their w…

Seattle Colocation Provider What you Should Consider

For one reason or another, many companies across all industries in King county-metro rely on Seattle colocation providers to house their enterprise instead of keeping it in-house. While the benefits m…

Wowrack Indo Celebrates Opening of New Southeast Asia Headquarters

Wowrack celebrated the grand opening of its Southeast Asia Headquarters in Genteng Kali 8, Surabaya, on May 17th. We were honored to have over 50 valued guests, including partners and clients, join us…

How Many Servers Does a Small Business Need?

The number of servers a small business needs will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the business, the complexity of its operations, and the amount of data and applications it needs…
Expanding Your Business to Be On More Than One Cloud

Expanding Your Business to Be On More Than One Cloud

When you utilize a managed service provider that will help you put your business onto the cloud, there are a lot of questions to ask. Are you needs being met? Is the cost appropriate? Are you really a…
The “Smart” Solution for Rack Level Security

The "Smart" Solution for Rack Level Security

When it comes to securing your IT assets in a data center, protection begins at the front door and continues all the way to the cabinet space. Learn how rack level security can protect your intellectu…
Top 5 Reasons for Colocation

Top 5 Reasons for Colocation

Most companies today are used to having their data centers close to their office. As they grow and begin using the internet more and more, many may realize they need to cut costs just to ensure their …
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