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Impact of Cloud Computing on the Future of Healthcare

Kenneth     29 August 2018     Cloud Infrastructure     0 Comments

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to consistently modernize, both due to the high volume of sensitive, private information, as well as a large number of legacy systems that currently exist. The current state of the industry is in a great amount of transition, however, and often finds itself with a difficult task of balancing increased expectations and demand with decreased resources (both financial and personnel-wise). Now more than ever can the healthcare industry grow and thrive through the use of cloud computing by thoroughly understanding its capabilities, and dispensing some of the common myths of cloud computing.

Very quickly, healthcare IT professionals are seeing the immense power that cloud hosting can provide to their digital infrastructure, as it supports two of their overarching goals: creating and maintaining cost-effective services and providing high-quality patient care. Companies like Wowrack provide varying levels of managed hosting options and provide a full spectrum of services that can be customized to fit the needs of your team, from private cloud hosting, managed security, disaster recovery and more.  

Cost-Effective Management

Transitioning to cloud technology can bring about significant cost savings to healthcare providers by limiting their expenditures to only the infrastructure and storage capabilities they utilize. One of the cloud’s continuous advantages is its ability to transform data analyzations in multiple, collaborative ways that can be useful to many groups of people quickly. This limits the manpower needed to drive these reports and instead can be automated based on the set-up of the servers. Additionally, the scalable accessibility of the cloud is extremely helpful in rolling out new applications, whether remotely or in-house.

Elevated Patient Care Standards

Year over year, standards continue to rise for patient care, and this doesn’t just include a physician’s bedside manner. Security protocols are continuously being scrutinized and tested to ensure the maximum amount of protections possible against possible data breaches. Similarly, the customizations within the cloud are endless, allowing the facility to tailor the data to whatever output is needed on an analyzation and reporting basis. Additionally, hosting patient information on a secure private cloud can greatly help with the accuracy of patient information and decreased number of errors that can occur with manual handling of data.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Measures

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest concerns healthcare administrators have towards transitioning to cloud computing is security. When dealing with classified information such as patient data, one can’t be too careful with the security protocols put into place. Luckily, the cloud can be customized to provide exactly the right amount of security needed to protect your data, and added security measures can ensure peace of mind when an in-house IT team isn’t available 24/7. For those in the industry, HIPAA compliance is something that needs to be addressed in all areas of data storage and management, and through cloud computing, services like HIPAA compliant data storage and HIPAA compliant email are possible without as many risks as past methods.

The future of the healthcare industry, and individual providers, will ultimately largely be based on the quality of their network infrastructure. Companies with a healthcare-focused cloud specialization like Wowrack analyze and implement aspects that result in seamless and secure cloud hosting for your patient information and applications. For those in charge of IT services within various healthcare organizations, taking on the architecture and implementation of cloud-based digitization protocols can be a hefty undertaking, and can greatly benefit with the expertise and guidance of a professional managed hosting provider.

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