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Top 5 Reasons for Colocation

Top 5 Reasons for Colocation

Most companies today are used to having their data centers close to their office. As they grow and begin using the internet more and more, many may realize they need to cut costs just to ensure their …
U’s, 1/2 Cab, Quarter Racks…What Do They All Mean?

U's, 1/2 Cab, Quarter Racks...What Do They All Mean?

Colocation can be an excellent option for companies looking to manage their infrastructure. For the uninitiated, however, data center (DC) jargon can be a real doozy. Look no further as we'll explai…
Colocation Conundrums

Colocation Conundrums: Should I Colo or Solo?

As applications shift to the cloud, new data continues to expand, and as users/customers/clients become more mobile, businesses will need to evolve their data center strategy to keep up with the trend…
Why You Should Dump Colocation And Move To The Cloud

Why You Should Dump Colocation And Move To The Cloud

We’re not advocating renting data center space is some sort of remnant model of the past, if it works for you, great. However, take this time to contemplate on how you are running your business and …
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Driving Businesses Forward With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IT strategists and CIOs are in influential positions to deliver high-impact investments for businesses by 2017. It's no shocker that forward-thinking organizations want to be very fast and as 2016 is…
Cloud IaaS

A Bright Future For Cloud IaaS

You’ll find it in healthcare, finance, construction, even in our legal offices. It’s helping to outperform every other competitor in the same marketplace year in, year out. But you won’t see it.…

How cloud backup works

Gone are the days that the businesses had to install expensive servers and store their important data, modern businesses hugely rely on cloud backup system. Compared to the huge initial investments co…
Business Continuity

Outages And The Pursuit For Business Continuity

Power outages got your business facing downtime? Learn how the cloud can brighten you up. Let's run through a common scenario many businesses might face during typical power outages. You walk into w…

What is backup as a service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a form of backup that is purchased from backup and recovery service providers. Where most systems preform centralized on-premise backups, BaaS allows access to private, p…

What Is Cloud Backup?

It's in the cloud! But what is cloud backup, and how does it effect my business? Cloud technology has became popular over the last few years, but the cloud can be confusing. Where is the cloud and whe…
Guide To Replace UPS Batteries

Easy Come, Easy Go Guide To Replace UPS Batteries

It's not always effective to replace UPS batteries by yourself. Learn why a data center can help service this task much more appropriately. What is a UPS? An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) by de…

Selling Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Selling backup as a service has become a great way for entrepreneurs to increase their income. Whether you simply sell the service, or add value through providing a service of your own, selling backup…
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